Challenges of being Multilingual with toddlers


Multilingualism is one of the boons that a child can get from parents, and it has a plethora of benefits to offer. But, being a parent, have you ever wondered that being multi or bilingual can have positive effects on a toddler? This blog will highlight a few points that we might fail to understand; how multilingualism can positively affect a child’s growth? And the measures we can adopt to overcome lack of bilingual and multilingualism at home with the help of Online learning for kids

The importance of English Language.

One of the major problems children face is a lack of understanding that can lead to a weak foundation in the English language.

If the language foundation is not strong enough from an early age, the child will have difficulty speaking or writing fluently in English without errors in the future.

The tendency to mix languages ​​while speaking impacts professional growth. When an individual is weak in English, it affects self-confidence as English is the most desired language globally and in India.

Challenges of Raising Multilingual Children

Children need to hear two languages ​​frequently in various situations. If they hear a “secondary” language from their parents, they will have enough exposure to develop the language naturally.

For instance when both parents understand a “primary” language, children will not feel that they need a “secondary” language. In such scenarios, other contacts in families and friends circles will help.

Monolingual Grandparents Are Especially Helpful! Can you ask a cousin, grandmother, or paid caretaker who speaks other languages ​​to take care of the child? Is there a nursery or playgroup where they can listen to other languages?

Can you get videos and story tapes in other languages? All of this makes a huge difference, especially when exposure involves interacting with other people, not just watching TV.

Another problem is maintaining a natural state. Children start feeling strange or embarrassed and try to resist when enforced. Clear rules, such as speaking in one language on some days and another on other days, maybe challenging to impose but help control negative attitudes.

The conversation is yet another problem, and poor communication can result in multiple rejections. Bilingual families are more likely to be successful.

How to Overcome these Challenges

Fortunately, the New Education Policy 2020 has considered the importance of multilingual children’s development to build a perfect educational system. It emphasizes the mother tongue or local language as instruction through fifth grade and preferably through eighth grade. 

The decision is to avoid any one particular language mandatory for the child. By implementing such a rule, NEP has significantly reduced the burden on children. If the instructions are in regional or local languages, the child will understand the topic better. 

They show more interest than usual and make fewer mistakes. They tend to lean more towards their mother tongue and culture. On the contrary, this new rule introduced by the NEP also has some problems. 

Parents and online preschools must adopt the following techniques to help kids cope with multiple languages. 

Try to identify vulnerabilities.

Parents’ first and foremost task is to understand the areas where their children are falling behind. There may be different areas such as sentence formation, verb tenses, or grammar when it is with reference to English language learning.

Working to improve weak points 

In comparison to grammar and verb tenses, sentence formation has a lot to do with translation. When a child is asked a question in English, the child first formulate an answer in their native language and then translates it into English. If the child does not speak the mother tongue clearly, translation can be difficult. The multilingual approach allows parents to help their children translate sentences correctly, further avoiding errors.

Discover creative learning methods 

Children learn best when learning is fun. The best way to help children learn multiple languages ​​without much confusion is through intellectual games. Parents can think of various games that can help their children, such as picture games, crosswords, names, translation games, etc. Children will be more careful when learning through games rather than textbooks. 


Natural conversation can help children learn more effectively. All you have to do is speak to them in a language that is difficult for them. It is as natural as learning your mother tongue, and this improves their language skills and gives them a sense of confidence when speaking their mother tongue.

How does help your Kids? 

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