Best Online Courses for Kids

Its understandable that we are protective about our little ones leaving the house but this should not hold them back in their education. We at want you to feel safe about your kid’s education, and not worry about them missing out on their learning while staying at home. Studies show that brain development is most rapid in the early stages of a child’s life. When the quality of stimulation, support and nature is lacking, there can be detrimental effects on overall development. has online courses for kids that focus on his academic as well as social growth, in the safety of your house.

What we offer in online preschool courses for your kids?

It is not a secret that the complexities of human development are remarkable and are going beyond our imagination. At, we have wide range of online courses for kids, predominantly based of their learning experience between birth and adolescence. In fact, studies show that the emotional, social, physical development of young children certainly has a direct effect on how they will perform later in life.

As a digital learning platform, OPS understands the importance of interactive videos and how online learning can impact the child’s skills. Our wide range of online courses for toddler’s aid in their physical and mental development.

We have multiple online classes to choose from. Our multilingual courses allow the parents to choose the language of instruction depending on their preference from Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, or Kannada. These online preschool courses help boost the child’s confidence and help them learn at the globally met standards, while staying rooted learning their native language. Our Science, math’s and computer classes help them understand to core of the subject and so that they can perform better in those subjects. At, we believe in giving undivided attention to your kids. Our 1 on 1 live classes make sure that you they dop not miss out on anything and learn at their own pace. Along with that we offer various extracurricular activities for your kids to choose from, so that they realize their true potential and learn in fun ways.

Enroll online courses for children in today.

What do we mean when we say, “get your child school ready?” The idea of  kids learning better by following an outdated curriculum is faulty. Just as every child begins to walk, talk, eat at different ages, their psychological and social skills also develop at a different pace, at varying ages.

What to look forward to:

At OPS, we believe in providing your tiny tots with a strong, vibrant learning environment. Here are some points you can look forward to while enrolling your kids with us:

Learning Experience

  • Daily live online classes with teachers
  • Online interactive videos
  • Specially tailored curriculum
  • Age-appropriate content
  • Weekly classes
  • Flexible timings

1:1 interaction

  • 1:1 interactive session with teacher
  • Group activities to improve communication.
  • Question answer sessions
  • Personalized activities
  • Quiz sessions

Specially Tailored Curriculum

  • Daily personalized activity
  • Modified content to meet specific needs in kids.
  • Level based worksheets

Milestone settings

Enroll with now for online courses for kids that meet all their needs for school readiness. Our diverse curriculum can help enhance your child’s imagination and insure proper 360 degree learning in them.