Despite the growing popularity amongst Indian Parents, Online Education is still relatively new in the country and people are quite unacquainted with it. It is normal to have many questions and concerns regarding the Online Preschool Programs. This page addresses some of the most important and frequently asked questions about online schooling for toddlers.



  • How is online Preschool different from school?

    As traditional school goes, our knowledge about online schooling is quite limited. The advancement of the online schooling system promises more accommodation of the child’s learning styles, initiates more parental involvement, time flexible preschool classes online, with access to global standard education from anywhere in the world.

  • Are Online schools good for kids/toddlers?

    Online classes for Pre-schoolers adapt to the learning patterns of the children, thereby providing better insight about the subject. Online pre-schools offer multiple personalised options to provide extra support to boost specific skills of the pre-schoolers and provide them with one-to-one support. Online Multilingual language education for kids allows parents to choose their language of instruction for kids so that the kids can learn faster and better.

  • What types of online classes are available for kids?

    There is no limit to the knowledge you can attain, especially through the mode of online education. Kids have a quick grasp on things and providing them with the right kind of exposure can make them much better learners.

    Few online classes that you can enrol your kids with OurPlayschool.com are:

    • Multilingual- The first few years in a child’s life are crucial to their overall physical, emotional, and cognitive development. It is important for kids to feel comfortable speaking their native language and enrolling your kids for Online Multilingual Language education where they can choose any language along with English: Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu will help them have a command over the language.
    • Extracurricular activities- Overall development is important for the kids. It is not a wise decision to stick the kids to a rigid timetable. Kids need to play and learn. We offer many extracurricular activities, so that the kids have freedom to choose what they like more so that they enjoy learning.
    • One on One Live classes- The 1 on 1 Live Online Classes for preschool kids from Ourplayschool.com have been designed in a way to cater to child’s specific needs. These online classes make sure that your kid has undivided attention from the teacher, so they learn better and faster with instant doubt solving and in an environment they feel heard.
    • Science, Maths, and Computer classes: The early learners are excited about the new world they are stepping into and we help them extend beyond their normal capacities. The online science, computer, and maths class for kids at OPS encourages them to understand the basics clearly and develop foundational concepts by participating in real science experiments to gain practical knowledge, develop logical thinking, and problem-solving skills.
  • What are the best timings for Online Preschool Classes?

    The reason why Online classes gained popularity was the flexibility of classes. OurPlayschool.com offers learning at any time of the day, from anywhere in the world. We, at OPS offer Time flexible preschool online classes so that parents can choose the class time based on their routine and convenience. Parents can pick a slot between 8am and 8pm, whenever it suits them and the kids the best.

  • What are the admission formalities for online classes for Preschoolers?


    For enrolling with Ourplayschool.com, you can download the admission form, fill it up and submit it with the following documents.

    -Child’s Birth Certificate

    -Parent’s Identification Proof

    -House Proof

    -1 photo of the child

    -1 photograph each of parents.

  • How do we teach Preschool virtually?

    We have taken an extra step to bring global standard education for your kids, at your doorsteps. At OurPlayschool.com, we bring complete preschool experience to your home and help your kid learn core foundation skills such as multilingual courses, math’s, science, social skills, and extracurricular activities. The LIVE interactive classes, along with daily personalized activities for children help us provide all round learning experience for your toddlers, with an extra dose of fun and engaging activities for both preschoolers and their parents.

  • How do you make online classes interesting for Preschoolers?

    OurPlayschool.com believes in a holistic approach of learning. Classes with us have been divided as 50% extracurricular activities, 20% general knowledge, and 30% of regular preschool curriculum-so that kids have fun while learning.

  • What is the parent’s role in a child’s learning through an online program?

    The most important responsibility of a parent towards the online study for kids is to create a school-like environment for them. Kids should learn to respect their Online Play school class as much as they respect the regular school. Make them take a bath, dress up neatly, and keep their books ready for the classes. As a parent, you must encourage the kids to complete any assignment that has been given to them by the online playschool.

  • What is the importance of early learning for kids?

    Research shows that early childhood education is one of the best ways to help children develop social, emotional, and cognitive skills. The preschool environment helps kids acquire vitals skills that encourages them to listen and express themselves, interact, and cooperate better with others. Quality Preschool programs help build a strong foundation for the child’s holistic development and prepare them for a lifetime.

  • How do I engage my child in Online classes?

    Here are certain tips to engage child in Online class:

    • Help Kids maintain a routine.
    • Keep their book ready.
    • Create a safe, engaging learning environment.
    • Reduce any distraction from the room.
    • Keep a checklist for them.
    • Encourage them to ask questions.
    • Help them get their hands on activities.
  • Do we provide online fun camps for toddlers/kids?

    OurPlayschool.com believes in a holistic approach of learning. We organise online fun camps for toddlers to enjoy with their friends and participate in various extracurricular activities. Allowing kids to learn continuously, even during summer camps, OPS also organises online festival camps, like Dussehra, Diwali camps, to educate kids about them.

  • Are online/virtual classes effective for kids (pre-K)?

    Online Playschool allow kids to freedom to learn at their own pace. Preschool is the first step a kid takes towards their studies, and not feeling at ease in the classroom can have a negative effect on their learning. Online Preschools provide kids with a safe environment, where there feel heard and learn better with instant doubt-solving.

  • Is there emphasis given to converse in a particular language with a kid?

    No. At OPS, we understand that as a parent you want your kids to be well-versed in their mother tongue. Our multilingual preschool online offer learning programs that help kids become excellent native speakers and have multilingual education. Our extensive online language courses like, online Telugu course, online Kannada speaking course, online Tamil course can help instruct your kids in your home language and ensure better learning in them.

  • Do we offer a trial online course?

    Yes. You can Book a free demo class with us.

  • Can I cancel my online classes program at any time?

    Yes. You can cancel your kids online preschool program at any time but would be required to serve a one months’ notice.

  • Which is the best online preschool in India?

    OurPlayschool.com is an interactive and engaging learning platform designed to ensure that learning never stops and your tiny tots get undivided attention from their teachers, helping them reach their developmental milestones.