Best Play School in Delhi Online

Preschool is the first learning experience for young children. A structured setting with teachers and a group of children is an opportunity for them to learn, share, follow instructions, and to building a foundation. Why are we the best playschool in Delhi online? A lot of parents are constantly worried about how their kids would be able to manage alone in the playschool. It is a common fear in them that they might be pushing the kids early. But a good preschool will always make your child feel safe and nurture warm relations among kids, teachers, and parents.

Ourplayschool is a playschool in Delhi online that caters to overall needs of kids and values the relation they share with the teachers and the parents. Kids at their early age learn a lot by example and by sharing those experiences with them, teachers help them understand social skills. We at OPS help them become confident and grow in all aspects.

Ourplayschool Play School Program for Your Child?

Preschoolers have active imaginations and if given the right push, can achieve a lot in their life. In the early years, one needs to be careful about how they draw a line between fantasy and reality for the early learners. Curiosity will take them a long way and being too strict with them can rob them of that joy.

  • 1:1 Live classes for your little ones: We at OPS give importance to the child’s specific needs. We believe that having a clear understanding at the beginning of their schooling can help them go a long way. The 1:1 live classes at are the best playschool in Delhi online that follows a child friendly teaching methodology and makes sure your kids feel safe and heard in the learning environment.
  • Language courses for your tiny tots: Learning is an indispensable gift that you can gift your children. Being in an environment where they feel motivated to learn new things will not only boost their confidence but will make them strong, independent readers and speakers who will not fear away from speaking their mind. Our play school in Delhi provides multiple language courses to choose from.
  • FLY course: The FLY course offered by pays equal importance to fun exercises, extracurricular activities as much as their studies. Our interactive online courses included everything like vocabulary building, online art classes, and science quizzes so that kids get an all-round exposure.
  • Knowledge enhancement in Science, Maths, and Computer classes: Our aim at is to provide early learners with a safe environment where they can be themselves, ask questions, and get answers to their doubts. Instant doubt solving gives them a clear understanding of the concept that is helpful in developing the interest too. The online science, computer, and maths class for kids at OPS help kids develop foundational concepts by participating in real science experiments to gain practical knowledge, develop logical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

Why choose for your Kids in Delhi?

We live in a diverse society and it is imperative for us to pass that knowledge to our children so that they bond well with each other and grow up to be respectful to all. We try to provide an inclusive environment that follows a global standard of learning and ensures 100% readiness in preschoolers. We offer flexible timings so that parents can participate actively in their learning, from the safety of their homes.