Play school in Chennai

The initial years of the kids are full of changes and rapid development. While they learn a lot from their parents, preschool is an important foundation for them. It is the early childhood years that help develop the physical, social, intellectual, and emotional development in them. Ourplayschool in Chennai provides kids with preschool curriculum which will achieve 100 % readiness for school which will eventually boost their confidence and help them develop better social skills.

As a growing playschool in Chennai, our aim is to provide kids with high quality learning experience. Teachers at Ourplayschool are well trained to find the best option for the young children, to provide them with world class education.

We are a preschool in Chennai that offers kids 1 on 1 live online classes to make sure that your kid has undivided attention from the teacher and learns better and faster in an environment they feel heard. The 1 on 1 classes makes a note to it that the doubts of the kids are instantly solved, making the concepts clear from the very beginning.

Why choose program for your kids in Chennai?

In Preschool, children are exposed to the idea of doing things for themselves, be it asking the teachers for help, or permission to drink water, they get knowledge about being self-reliant.

It is the priority of Ourplayschool to provide the early learners with good exposure and quality education. The preschool curriculum at our school in Chennai has been carefully illustrated for them to excel.

Our classes are a perfect mix of live classes that include extracurricular activities along with language and science, math’s courses. We strive towards perfection and provide kids with better learning opportunities that meet the global standards. Play school program for your child.

Playschool is the first step to a long journey of schooling for the young children. When the kids enter a playschool, they learn how to be students. They learn patience, attention, taking turns, coordination. They learn about the concept of routine, following instructions, and having conversations.

Ourplayschool is a preschool in Chennai which focuses on the overall development of the kids. The curriculum at OPS is specially tailored to meet the child’s needs. The multilingual courses at the preschool in Chennai make sure that kids get global standard education in their native language too. This helps them understand better and have an increased vocabulary. As a child friendly teaching methodology, we offer flexible timings, so that the kids’ education is not delayed or effected by the outside environment.