Online nursery classes

Why Our Play School?

When it comes to maintaining the quality of education, does it the best. We have been growing with each growing child. Our motto is to enhance the knowledge of the children enrolled and help them have their own perception of the world. With a unique methodology of LIVE online interactive classes, we are known as the best online nursery school

Why Online Nursery Classes Are So Important?

It is the first step towards the successful accomplishment of primary education.

Well-designed online course for kids helps teach the importance of independence and decision-making.

There is an opportunity for social and emotional growth.

Online space nurtures the skills that the kids possess with the help of activities for nursery kids.

nursery class online boosts physical growth in the child.

Online Nursery Classes

  • What is an Online Nursery Program?

    When we say online nursery classes, parents think it will be something different. But, it is not the case. The ultimate goal of the program in the online space is to help children learn and grow in a friendly and safe environment. 

    Moreover, for the parents who are planning to go for early education in online space, it has multiple benefits. Most prominent among all is the teacher-student ratio. Unlike brick and mortar schools, online nursery programs have personalized attention to each child.

  • What are the age criteria for the Nursery Program?

    As per the general requirements of the schools, a child between the ages of three and four is eligible to be enrolled in an online nursery india.

  • What are the key benefits of this program?

    With the ever-changing world of technology, kids need to be updated. Only the best online nursery schools like Our Playschool have well-trained teachers who understand how important it is for kids to understand the importance and functionalities of the upgrading technologies. 

    Furthermore, nursery class online boosts the enthusiasm of learning and growing with the right means. Parents who are working can also maintain a work-life balance, ensuring their kids are learning in a safe environment. 

  • How to enroll in an Online Nursery Class?

    Getting your child enrolled in OPS online nursery class is a very simple process. All you have to do is:

    • Visit the website by clicking
    • Click on the “Admissions” page.
    • A registration form will appear which is required to be filled by the parents.
    • Once the registration form is filled, click on “register and pay”.
    • As soon as you make the payment, your kids will be enrolled in the online preschool courses.
  • Will an online nursery class truly help our Kids?

    The answer is an absolute yes! One of the best-known advantages of online preschool is they have the best resources. When you enroll your kid with Our Playschool, you get complete transparency of what is being taught to your child and what are the resources that teachers are using to keep the children engaged. Moreover, the teachers will suggest the same methodologies to help you channelize the energy of your kids in a positive way.

  • What are the activities involved for Nursery Class Kids?

    There are numerous activities for nursery kids that we perform for their better performance and holistic growth. The curriculum of Our Playschool has myriad educational activities for kids. Some of the activities conducted in online classes are dance, music, science quiz, Vedic math, painting, etc.

  • How are online nursery programs better than offline/traditional programs?

    One of the most talked-about topics of today’s time is how to make education cost-effective and maintain the quality of education. When you choose online education over offline school programs, you can save your money over factors like school transportation and school uniforms. Instead, you can get your interesting storybooks that can enhance their vocabulary and reading skills.