UKG Online Classes for Kids

With the emergence of new technologies and upgraded resources, it has become to make our children prepared for the future. At, we have introduced the concept of ukg class for kids in an online space. When kids use technology for learning, their skills will be sharpened and their intelligence will be shaped.

Why UKG Online Classes for Kids?

When enrolled in ukg online classes, kids get an opportunity to learn at their own pace and develop new skills.

The ukg curriculum activities make it fun for the kids to engage in group activities and learn teamwork and empathy.

The idea behind choosing online classes for kids is to give them a better and safe environment.

The fun learning approach is opted by the well-trained teachers that boost the self-confidence of kids as they learn to take initiative.

The e-learning for kids has given working parents an opportunity to enjoy their kid’s childhood while maintaining the quality of education and pace of learning.

Why Our Play School? stands among the queue of the best performing names for online classes for ukg. We have always given priority to better learning and holistic growth of the child. Thus, our unique qualities like smart teacher-student ratio and LIVE online interactive classes have made us the most loved pre-school. 

UKG Online Classes for Kids

  • What Is The Online Class Size For UKG Kids?

    The aim of Our Playschool is to provide the best quality education to the toddlers enrolled. Thus, keeping in mind the same, we have kept different batch sizes as some kids need personal attention and some love learning in groups. The general teacher-student ratio we have in our online LIVE interactive classes are:  

    • 1:1
    • 1:3
    • 1:5
    • 1:20

    Parents can choose the batch size as per their convenience and requirement. 

  • What Activities Can Be Done In UKG Online Classes?

    Our highly trained teachers very well know how to boost the kids’ interaction during classes in an online space. Our Playschool has activities like science quizzes, Vedic maths, music, dance, and other fun games that make the learning fun. 

  • What Are The Daily Study Hours For Online UKG Classes?

    With Our Playschool, learning never stops! With each rhyme, your kid will know new words, with each maths problem they will help your husband solve beginner-level sudoku. When you will be an active participant in the education of your tiny tot, you will experience growth each day.

  • How Are Online UKG Programs Better Than Offline/Traditional Programs?

    Online LIVE interactive classes help you see your kid grow and flourish in terms of skills and knowledge, and at the same time, your kid will be in a safe environment. You will have the opportunity to enjoy their childhood while maintaining your work-life balance. After All, nothing can be more beautiful than seeing your kids crossing their milestones. 

  • How Do I Get My 4 Year Old To Sit Online Classes?

    If you want your tiny tot to enjoy and concentrate during the LIVE online interactive class, you should know the right trick. But, these tricks vary with each student! The teachers at Our Playschool regularly keep live interactive sessions with parents to discuss the performance of the kid and the methodologies they are using in classes to teach. It helps parents and teachers be on the same page. We believe in keeping things simple.