Growth Starts with Online Classes for Kids in India

Although there is much uncertainty in the world, online education has been helping students to keep up with their education. Online classes have provided a way to keep the education of young minds afloat.

Online classes have equipped the present generation of students with the knowledge they need for the future.

With COVID-19 raging through India, the education of the youth and children has taken a massive hit.

Simultaneously, it has also paved a path for better education of young minds without putting them in harm’s way through online means. 

Although the initial aversion towards online education was understandable, times, all over the world, have shown that children and young students can learn online without hampering the quality of education.

Can Kids Learn Online?

One of the primary questions regarding online classes and sessions has been if it would be effective. Years of traditional schooling and face-to-face education had made it seem almost impossible for parents and students to comprehend other means of education. 

As per a study published in 2020 students retain around 25 to 60% more information than traditional educational means. The same study shows that in traditional forms of education, i.e. classrooms, students would only retain around 8 to 10% of the information.

Apart from the stats, it is clear that students can learn through online classes. Rather, online classes for children and young students are directly related to the teachers.

The teachers in OurPlaySchool help motivate and create an attractive environment for young students to learn and concentrate. 

Growth Starts with Online Classes for Kids

Benefits of Online Education for your Child

The pandemic has broken many previous trends, and traditional schooling is one of them. Education is still transforming with the pandemic looking like it is here to stay. That said, online education seems to be the only way for children. 

Before we look into the efficacy of online classes for kids in the country, here are some benefits of online classes for the young ones: 

  • Comfortable: With young students, comfort is a big problem. Online classes help them to be comfortable with the surroundings, which, in turn, helps them imbibe the subject matter taught in classrooms. 
  • Soft Paced Education: The general notion with online education is that the pace has been slowed down a little for every student to catch up. OurPlaySchool’s teachers make the classes multilingual and set the pace for the overall class. 
  • Fewer Distractions and Obstructions: In a traditional classroom setting, students are easily distracted. The thing is that children have a curious mind and it is easy to distract them. Distractions could be other students, what’s happening outside the class, etc. However, none of these issues apply to online classes. The student’s attention is on the screen and on what is being taught. 

Apart from that, there could be some technical issues that students, teachers, and parents may have to hash out in the beginning. Once that is settled, the online classes could go smoothly for everyone.  

How Effective are Online Classes for Kids in India?

Online learning for kids has been gearing up in the country. As schools are predicted to remain closed until the pandemic is under control, schools, playgroups, and colleges have taken education to the virtual classrooms. 

Online education in India has shown different effects. Although there are some drawbacks, positive aspects are not nil. Here’s how the situation stands in India:

  • The Good:

Children and students have unlimited access to a variety of topics and subject matter online. From basic to advanced levels, everything has become easy for students.
Furthermore, online classes have kept the future of the country safe from the pandemic, along with bringing together a less intimidating environment. 

  • The Greys:

Although online education has been simple and easy, many students lack the basic requirements for using the benefits. There have been many students and people who lack technological knowledge. Furthermore, some people in the country can’t even afford online classes. 

However, donations and aid from social workers and society have allowed the major chunk of the country to work towards a better future.

How do Kids Handle Online Classes?

As mentioned above, students seem to retain information better. Although younger students may find it difficult to sit still, computers, smartphones, and tablets have made it easy for them to access education. 

Children these days are more inclined towards using smartphones and tablets. With online classes, they get reasons to use such devices. Apart from that, teachers play an exceptional role in aiding better efficiency of the same. 

With hard-working teachers, such as in OurPlaySchool, young students not only have access to home education but also to interesting things. From setting the tone to creating an attractive environment, teachers have made it possible for students to study and have fun.

Advantages of Growing with Online Classes in India

Wondering if there are any benefits of online classes in India? Here are some benefits of online classes in the country: 

  • Comfortable and Safe

The entire world has moved classes to virtual classrooms to keep students safe and away from harm’s way. Online classes help students to remain comfortable during these turbulent times.

  • Saves Time

Students no longer waste their precious time in transit to classes and schools. Attending classes has become as simple as some taps on the smartphone or computers.

  • Flexibility in Learning

Apart from saving time, students can have a flexible schedule. Classes do not extend into longer hours. Furthermore, the learning schedule has made education easier and simpler. 

  • Ease

There is no doubt that online classes have made it possible for the students to have ease of learning and education. Online classes allow better education and help in creating a calming environment during these uncertain times.

Apart from this, online classes could become a little overwhelming as students may not see their friends and teachers. However, online classes have shown good results since 2020 and are expected to do the same in the coming years.