LKG Online Classes for Kids

Growing kids have endless questions and high amount of curiosity to learn new things. When provided the right platform, kids development takes flight and does wonders! With the growing needs, LKG Online Classes play a vital role in fulfilling children’s  urge to learn new concepts and encourage them to learn from their individual experiences. comes up with innovative LKG class activities. These activities help kids answer the majority of the questions themselves by experimenting with new things, the fun and learning way.

Why LKG Online Classes for Kids?

Enrolling your kids in the LKG online class helps to save you save the extra cost you spend in brick and mortar schools.

The LKG online classes for school students are the best option for kids to explore multiple topics.         

Being an online curriculum, parents have the opportunity to maintain their work-life balance.

The concept of online education eliminates the scope of distractions and time-wasting elements.

Online space is so strong that it promotes the overall confidence in a child and makes children future ready 

Why Our Play School?

The term Early Childhood Education, the question that comes to the mind is , “Where should I enroll my little one?” When you have Our Playschool, no need to give a second thought before enrolling. The approach of our online classes for LKG towards kids is to treat them with respect. When kids get respect, they give respect. Our primary goal is to make them good human beings. Teachers put their heart and soul into teaching and make sure they connect with every child in the class not as a teacher but as a friend. When connect is established children learn well. is a family and your child becomes an important member of the family. Enroll Today! Admissions Open! 

LKG Online Classes for Kids

  • Why Is Online LKG Important?

    Talking about the importance of Online LKG Classes at Our Playschool, they play a crucial role in shaping the personality of your kid right from the beginning of their educational phase. Kids get an opportunity to streamline their energy in productive activities.

  • What Age Should Your Kids Start LKG?

    If your child lies somewhere between the range of “three and a half years – four years and ten months,” your kid is eligible for being enrolled into the Online LIVE LKG program at

  • What Are The Online Activities For LKG Students?

    There are multiple team building and personality shaping activities at Our Playschool. The teachers here intend to help kids understand how important it is to be prepared for the future, be updated with technology so as to be ahead of the curve.

  • Is An LKG Student Online Class Effective Or A Burden For Parents?

    When you enroll your kid for an online LKG program, they unlock a plethora of opportunities. The guidance of teachers and parents, altogether, helps in the holistic development of the kids.

  • How Are Online LKG Programs Better Than Offline/Traditional Programs?

    Online LKG programs do not bind kids into a rigid schedule which they have to follow every day. This methodology allows you to choose the location of your choice and the hours to study that suit you the best. With Our Playschool, Online LKG programs are synonymous with freedom to holistic development.