Why are we the best online study for kids’ provider in India?

The new world has become technologically dependent. All businesses have made their presence online, even the education sector. Studies show that more than 5.6 million students went ahead to enroll in online courses in the past decade. We at Ourplayschool.com understand that the young children need to be engaged for them to respond better to their learning.

Learning at home can be both exciting and challenging for the kids. We help them learn better at kids play home online with fun activities.

At Ourplayschool.com, we believe in a holistic approach of learning. We have classes designed to have 50% extracurricular activities, 20% general knowledge and 30% of regular curriculum. New competences and new working models are required to achieve the desired outcomes in pre-schoolers. For helping children learn to function in a multicultural society, fostering a diversity-rich and inclusive environment is imperative. At OPS, we follow global meeting standards to ensure 100% readiness in the preschoolers. Our specially tailored programmes include everything, starting from vocabulary building, art, music, dance, and science quizzes.  We are also one of the few kids’ academy that give preference to teaching of Vedic maths in the young children, which helps them solve complex mathematical problems quicker.  Such tricks are of great application to arithmetical computation, algebraic operations, calculus, coordinate geometry, and more.  Teachers at Ourplayschool.com are trained in teaching Vedic maths so your kids develop a better understanding of mental maths and can think systematically and more creatively.

What programs do we offer for kids Play home online?

We at Ourplayschool.com are constantly working to provide your tiny tots with high standard, globally accepted curriculum. In this ever-changing environment, though difficult, it is important for us to keep up our pace with the newest technology and methods of learning.

According to Research scholars, school readiness implies that there are expected standards of physical, intellectual, social, and emotional development that children must meet to fulfill their school requirements and assimilate the school curriculum. Therefore, as a kids academy, specially focusing on kids’ education online, Ourplayschool.com has come up with lesson plans that would stimulate the development of the social and emotional skills of the young children.

Keeping that in mind, we have come up with education models that support the necessary patterns of learning for kids online. Our programs include:

  • 1:1 Live classes: The 1 on 1 Live Online Classes for preschool kids from Ourplayschool.com have been designed in a way to cater to child’s specific needs. These online classes make sure that your kid has undivided attention from the teacher, so they learn better and faster with instant doubt solving and in an environment they feel heard.
  • Multilingual courses for your tiny tots: Our extensive online language courses like, online Telugu course, online Kannada speaking course, online Tamil course can help instruct your kids in your native language and ensure better learning in them.
  • Fun learning for young children- The FLY course: In their early stages, kids have a lot of enthusiasm and curiosity about things. They have the strength and the willingness to learn and unlearn a lot of things. Our specially tailored programs include everything, starting from vocabulary building, online art classes, online music classes, to science quizzes.
  • Knowledge enhancement in Science, Maths and Computer classes: The early learners are excited about the new world they are stepping into and we help them extend beyond their normal capacities. The online science, computer, and maths class for kids at OPS encourages them to understand the basics clearly and develop foundational concepts by participating in real science experiments to gain practical knowledge, develop logical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

What makes Ourplayschool.com unique?

Teachers at Ourplayschool.com are well-trained to identify the learning curve of every kid and specially tailor the contents of the curriculum to meet the needs of the young children. Studies prove that 4-year-olds gain from being in a high-quality, early learning environment. In fact, the years from birth to age 5 are viewed as a critical period for developing the foundations for thinking, behaving and emotional well-being. Experts that monitor development in young children indicate that it is in these years that children develop linguistic, cognitive, social, and emotional skills that influence their learning pattern later in life in many domains.

We at Ourplayschool.com offer kids education online that meets the global standards of learning. Our kids play home online is helping them learn through screens, while participating in various activities in multilingual activities. We ensure that online education for kids is interactive, effective, and flexible. From the number of classes, you wish your kid to attend in a day, to the class timings, you have the flexibility to choose as per your convenience. At Ourplayschool.com, we also understand the paranoia of the parents about their kids not learning the native language. At OPS, parents have the option to choose the language of instruction depending on their preference from Hindi, Telugu, Tamil,

Start your Kids Journey with Ourplayschool.com

Most pre-school curriculum and teaching give more preference towards academic skills of the young children hence, the dimensions of social-emotional development do not get the required emphasis. At Ourplayschool.com, we understand that early learning programs and school readiness instruments should be inclusive of all dimensions of child development, where special emphasis is given to their social-emotional competencies.

Our teachers have curated a curriculum that solely focuses on the kids, with our hope to carefully nurture the minds of the little ones. We believe in holistic development in kids and have created a safe learning environment for them to bloom in. Our integrated programs give the kids a great mix of activities and games that help in building a strong foundation for them to learn and grow essential like skills.