Best Fastest Growing Preschool In Bangalore is an online preschool in Bangalore that provides global standard education to young learners. The specially tailored programs at OPS follow a conductive, interactive, and well-balanced curriculum, which helps them achieve 100% readiness for school. Every kid has a different learning pattern and requires different amount of attention. The interactive online sessions at OPS cater to child’s specific needs and help them learn at their own pace.

What makes a unique online playschool in Bangalore? is an online learning platform in Bangalore where your little ones will be engaged in our unique program that is 50% extracurricular activities, 20% general knowledge, and 30% of the regular curriculum. OPS believes in the all-around learning experience for the kids. Our programs include everything from science projects to music, dance, and art, allowing them to identify their calling right from the start and encouraging them to have a wholesome, engaging experience.

Various studies have shown that when learning is fused with extracurricular activities, children respond better to the teaching methods and learn faster. This is what OPS offers to your kids. With our FLY learning program, i.e., Fun learning for young children, your kids can learn to communicate and interact better by participating in various activities because, at OPS, learning is FUN. 

One of the major issues that the parents face with the little ones at home is the task of balancing their professional timings with the kid’s schedule. And this is apart from having the child at his/her best attentive behavior at a forced schedule. To make learning convenient for both, the child, and the parent, we have come up with fun online classes with flexible timings, starting as early as 8 am up to 8 pm so that your kids can learn without any barrier.

Types of classes or special playschool programs that we offer?

There is no mold that you can place your kids into to make them learn new things. Every kids has a different learning graph and needs to be taught accordingly. Teachers at are well-trained to identify the learning curve of every kid and specially tailor the contents of the curriculum to meet the needs of the young children. We at offer kids’ education online that meets the global standards of learning. We have various programs like The FLY course, Multilingual classes, 1 on 1 live sessions, and Science and Maths classes for the parents to choose from.

Why start your child’s online preschool journey in Bangalore with us?

We at are constantly working to provide your tiny tots with high standard, globally accepted curriculum. In this ever-changing environment, it is important for us to keep up our pace with the newest technology and methods of learning. At, we understand that early learning programs and school readiness instruments should be inclusive of all dimensions of child development, where special emphasis is given to their social-emotional competencies.