Online Learning for Pre-schoolers

A lot of thought goes in deciding the right path for our little ones. A new parent is constantly under the stress of providing his kid with the best. This pressure involves a lot around the kind of education they want to give their tiny tots. But choosing the right school is not just one point. What kind of education do they give their young children? What is the proximity to their homes? Is virtual pre-schooling better? What is the fee structure and teaching model?

With the technological advancement in the last 5 years, it would be safe to say that “online learning” is the future. It gives one the option to choose, is more cost effective and promises to teach kids in a better learning environment.

What are the benefits of Preschool education online?

We may not immediately realize it, but one of the most significant benefits of preschool education online is that during online classes children learn at a faster pace with fewer time wastage and distractions. Kids preschool online allows you to track the lesson plans and the learning process of your little ones. It is due to its innumerable benefits that online preschools have gained mainstream acceptance today. Some most prominent benefits of preschool learning online are that these preschool curriculum offer the same level of teaching quality and have appealing differences when compared to the traditional brick-and-mortar classes.

With online educational programs, the accessibility, convenience, and flexibility of education has increased and with taking online classes for young children, parents have noticed a much effective learning in their little ones.

Our best Kids Preschool Online Programs

Time flexibility- At OPS we address the concern of overlapping schedules for parents by providing them the  flexibility to choose the class time based on the child’s routine and parent’s convenience. Parents can pick any slot between 8am to 8pm, whenever it suits them the best.

Multilingual- The first few years in a child’s life are crucial for their overall physical, emotional, and cognitive development, hence teaching them in the language they are most comfortable with would be a great advantage.

It is important for kids to be comfortable speaking their native language. We, at OPS, give them and the parents the choice to opt for the multilingual classes, where they can choose any language along with English: Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, and Telugu.

Number of classes- With time, the idea of online classes has become more acceptable for parents. However, with toddlers, it can still be challenge. At OPS, we have multiple classes for the parents to choose from. A parent can book the slot according to his convenience and interest and be an equal part of their child’s development. 

Extracurricular activities- Overall development is important for the kids. It is not a wise decision to stick the kids to a rigid timetable. Kids need to play and learn. We offer many extracurricular activities, so that the kids have freedom to choose what they like more, and so that they enjoy learning.

Why choose for kids play school online?

When opting for a play group school online, both parents and children have convenience. This is how plays a role in the early childhood learning as it allows kids to learn at the safety of their homes, under the guidance of their parents. Another advantage of enrolling the kids in online preschool program at, is that it helps build confidence in young children. Many kids shy away from raising their hands and asking questions in front of other children. Online educational platform like allows kids to interact 1 on 1 with their teachers and get their doubts cleared instantly, ensuring better and faster learning.

In the recent years, there has been an increased interest in the online platforms. It is because of the convenience that comes along with it and the flexibility.

Frequently asked questions

Why are online playschool so important?

  • With the technological advancement, new modes of teaching and learning have come to the front. This has brought a significant shift towards the e-learning platforms. These is no doubt in the fact that online playschool benefits the students and teachers alike, but it also benefits the parents. With the flexibility of timing, live interactions, and quicker response, kids get better exposure and feel more confident. On the other hand, virtual pre-schooling allows teachers to find unlimited supply of resources. This implementation of online educational platform to teach kids in the early childhood are crucial in better and positive shaping of young children.

What is the right age for play school admission?

  • Most parents make the practical decision of enrolling their kids in preschool early, specially if they are both working. Some parents who do so desire to provide a social experience to their children. Several studies found out that children that start to be in a learning environment at early ages have better social and psychological growth. Another important factor is the peer interaction. Early adult-child reaction creates a positive effect on the growth of the children. So, starting as early as 2 years, might be a good age to enroll your kids with a playgroup school online.

How to apply for online preschool/ nursery school?

  • The main objective of any pre-nursery school online is to provide young children with a safe environment that encourages creativity and innovation in them. The new and better learning tools help the young ones visualize and interact with content. While choosing for a preschool, see how you would be engaging in your child’s learning. While doing so, make sure you start introducing new age morals and values in them. Read stories to them. Engage them in conversations. Curiosity is the first step of learning.

What are the things to do to start playschool for your children?

  • Starting a preschool is a big step for the kids. Its an entirely new concept for them. To make the change easy for them, you can start preparing the kids for the preschool at home. Children play school online make sure to help the transition become easier for both the kids and the parents. The best way is to start mentioning the idea of preschool to them. Start reading books and start practicing some games with them. This helps boost their confidence and encourage them to open up with other kids.

Are preschool and playschool different?

Preschool has been defined as “an educational establishment offering early childhood education to children between the ages of 3 to 5 prior to the commencement of elementary school”. Many times the terms “playschool” and “preschool” have been used interchangeably, but playschool is a part of the generic term ‘preschool’ and is related to elementary learning. It can be described as the first step to the latter. The main intention of a playschool is to get the young children accustomed to the idea of being around other children their age and to get them to socialize.

Whereas, a preschool helps lay foundation to the kids schooling and prepares the  young children for the academic demands of the formal schooling. It would be fair to say that preschool is a more structured setting where children learn their alphabet, numbers, and much more, whereas the same would have been introduced at the playschool as fun activities.