Looking for Online Nursery Classes in India? Your Complete Guide


Today, most toddlers begin their education in pre-kindergarten. These early childhood education programs offer many benefits that lay the foundation for holistic education.

However, finding the right preschool for online classes can be exciting but challenging with so many choices. 

Why Enroll Your Kids in Online Nursery Classes?

  1. Online kindergartens are safe. 

The online preschool works according to the same rules and regulations as other day-care centres, so you don’t have to worry about your child being in a potentially unfavourable environment. Online private schools also have strict rules and regulations regarding the care of children. 

  1. Online kindergartens are convenient and flexible. 

Online Kindergarten teaches children to take responsibility for their actions, but it also gives them a lot of freedom and helps them become independent. Many online kindergartens are open in different windows. For instance, if your kid wants to attend class in the second half of the day, it can be scheduled accordingly without interfering with your plans. 

OurPlayschool.com online nursery classes are more flexible than other schools because you can attend classes at your convenience. Online kindergartens also allow parents to spend more time with their children, which is beneficial

  1. Online kindergartens are more cost-effective than traditional schools. 

Online schools are relatively lower in cost in comparison to regular brick-and-mortar schools. Online preschool learning reduces the costs of admission fees, form fees, transportation fees, uniform fees, stationery fees, and other formalities. 

  1. Online kindergartens can help children have their peer group. 

Online Kindergarten is the perfect environment for your child to learn how to interact and make friends with other children of the same age. Online kindergartens provide children with the opportunity to learn how to share and collaborate with other students so that they will have no problems with their future school experience. 

  1. Online kindergartens provide children with the opportunity to learn to read. 

An online school curriculum includes nursery class activities that encourage kids to study alone and with other students. Online kindergartens also help children develop a love of reading that benefits them in the long run and make them school-ready. 

  1. Online kindergartens help students develop good learning habits and responsibilities. 

Children need good study habits to succeed in school, and online kindergartens allow them to develop these skills. The online class helps students learn responsibilities, like keeping track of their work, maintaining their notebooks, and updating the homework given by the teachers, which is an important life skill at every stage of life. 

How to Select Online Nursery Classes for your Child?

  • Virtual curriculum and activities.You have the right to request an online curriculum from the preschool and find out what types of activities they offer and how they support your child’s development. The online curriculum needs to focus on activities that promote learning experience through play, storytelling, arts and crafts, music, dance, physical movements, and interpersonal communication. 
  • Learning resources. Activities designed should be comfortable to perform and materials readily available at home. For example, you can have a drum session on a steel boat, dance with a handkerchief as a prop, or run a hurdle with a chair and pillow. 
  • Student group size. In the physical facility, the teacher has an assistant who leads the classes for kidsand assists in coping with the student’s behaviour. In virtual classes, the teacher does everything independently.
  • Lesson time and duration. Find out if your online preschool offers staggered batches or shifts throughout the day. The time flexibility allows you to schedule lessons based on your homework, office work, or laptop or smartphone availability. 
  • Cyber ​​Security. All virtual things are vulnerable to Internet security breaches and threaten your privacy. Make sure your preschool has a solid cyber security policy or standard. You need to know the school’s internet security protocol for their online classes. If the school wants to share your child’s photos and videos on social media, please refer to the school’s policy which has a clause for your consent.
  • Demo Class.Many preschools offer demo courses that allow parents to experience online courses before enrolling their children. When inquiring about admission, ask the school if there is such a trial lesson to know if it is suitable for your child directly.


  •  Student Class Size.Class size plays a vital role in the learning process, and the class size should not be too small so that the activity loses its essence, and the class size should not be too big so that the child feels ignored. 

Why Do You Need OurPlayschool.com for Your Child?

OurPlayschool.com offers online learning that meets all your children’s needs and enables safe and interactive learning at home. Our online preschool provides young children with a world-standard early childhood learning opportunity with the perfect combination of live-streaming classes, after-school activities, and a wide range of creative expressions. 

Preschool education supports holistic growth with a proper child’s brain development. Holistic learning can happen through high-quality online LIVE interactive education offered by online classes like OurPlayschool.com.


Kindergarten and preschool years are the foundation of your child’s education. Use these tips to guide your process, find joy in the classroom, and trust your instincts.