How is Online Early Education a Good Alternative to Traditional Brick and Mortar Preschools

Today’s parents of young children have begun to realize the importance of Online Early childhood Education Programs in a better way than before. Parents are embracing ONLINE LIVE PRESCHOOL EDUCATION to be not just a solution provider at the time of lockdown but also a platform that makes their children’s future-ready at all times. 

How vital is Online Early Education in a child’s life?

Experts consider early childhood education very crucial for the development of children. This medium of facilitation helps kids learn to interact with teachers & their classmates. Moreover, it enhances the developmental skills of hobbies and interests, self-confidence, and vocab building. Online LIVE interactive Preschool activities help in developing motor skills to some extent.

Early childhood education helps in: 

  • Improved social skills
  • Enhanced academic performance
  • Extended attention spans

How Does Delaying Early Childhood Education Affect a Kid’s Growth?

If not exposed to EARLY Childhood Education at the right time can have developmental issues that can impact our children’s all-around health. Thus, taking care of these factors can help us save our children, nurture well, and bloom.

Some of the problems that a child may face due to delay in Early Childhood Education are: 

Speech delay: Some children face difficulty in identifying the concepts and words. This disorder makes them lack in expressing their thoughts with a precise vocabulary in the sentences. Kids also face problems identifying shapes, colors, body parts, etc. 

Delays in motor skills: Kids lacking motor skills might face challenges related to writing, holding, picking, grabbing, jumping, and balancing that affect the child’s future of being an active learner.

Social, emotional, and behavioural delays: Kids with these delays generally affect their capability to interact and communicate with the outside world. 

At, the well-researched and planned set of activities enable our young learners to be competitive. Our ONLINE LIVE interactive Classes are engaging and ensure that the child has a balanced development of all the required skills. 

To support a child’s growth, we have flexible timing to coordinate with the schedule of the working parents & the focus is on multilingualism as well. Children learn and grow faster when the subject or activities interest them. At, we make sure this is respected. 

Benefits of Online Pre Primary Early Education over Traditional Preschools

A Safe Option

Comfortable – Online learning provides many customized courses to meet the child’s current educational requirements. The flexibility concerning the time helps focus more on the strengths and work on the required developmental area. This approach is convenient for parents to choose accordingly. 

Time Flexible- Traditional schools can be challenging for some children to pursue co-curricular fun activities & hobbies apart from the academic activities because of the timings. Commuting to school takes all the time and energy of the child in Offline Preschooling. In Online Preschool. Even after the class, the child has time to revise, do homework, play, and discover new ideas.

Affordable- Online LIVE Preschools are more affordable compared to Offline Preschools.

At, there are no admission and tuition fees. The programs are affordable and ensure Quality Education for every child. 

Choices of Courses: Online Preschool education has multiple options of plans, packages, and courses compared to offline preschool. An online LIVE Interactive Preschool platform ensures vast reach and location, weather, and other physical factors and hindrances – is not a constraint.

Building confidence & making kids future-ready: Many children are reluctant to raise their hands to ask questions in a traditional classroom. On the other hand, by taking online courses, children gain a certain degree of anonymity, which gives them the confidence to ask questions, open up and be confident. Also, the access to gadgets and the internet makes them future-ready. The increase in confidence can reflect better academic performance and help children perform well in life. 

Close Analysis of Child’s Development: Not many people realize this, but one of the most important benefits of choosing online courses is learning in a limited period and interference. The online learning plan will allow you to track your child’s learning process more effectively. 


Parents today are discovering and embracing Online LIVE Interactive Preschool / Early Childhood Education for their Kids. Online learning enables parents to participate in their children’s school education more effectively. The accessibility, convenience, and flexibility of preschool education online courses also provide parents with the opportunity to cultivate their children’s love of learning and guide them through every step. At – The First Ever Online Only LIVE Preschool – the teachers are trained to nurture the kids concerning their holistic development & help them blossom.