10 Reasons To Choose OurPlayschool.com As Your Kids Online Preschool.


With advances in technology, many educational institutions are turning to online learning. Online learning has always been flexible, from PhDs to meetings, certificates, and everything in between. There is the whole world there. For instance, even playschools are transforming into online preschools

Online learning is not limited to the older sections of the students. Even toddlers have access to E-learning resources. The schools are now coming up with plans and strategies to change the face of education for the future generation to come. 

Reasons to Choose OurPlayschool.com 

  1. We offer easy accessibility. 

One of the main benefits of online preschool is the accessibility factor. If you choose to study outside your institution, you do not have to go through the entire application process, fill out a form and wait for the approval. You can find the class you like, read all the details, and sign up if satisfied. We have counsellors who will assist you at every step of your admission process. From choosing the right batch size for your kid to taking up the right plan, we are here to help you. 

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  1. Parents find us highly cost-effective. 

We have designed our curriculum to focus on the holistic development of the kids. We try to keep our processes simple yet effective. The main objective of OurPlayschool.com is to boost the learning process. 

Our highly specialized teachers prepare worksheets for the kids to practice daily. Kids have access to classes even from a smartphone, and you need not invest thousands in arranging a new device for their learning. 

  1. We make learning fun. 

Most kids prefer to watch videos and listen to poems, which helps them retain more information. Reading textbooks is not very exciting for most kids. E-learning tools can make the class very interesting by applying tools that can include graphics, videos, etc., in-classroom sessions. 

  1. We have class consistency. 

We ensure that your kid has a predefined number of classes in a week by consistency. We understand that giving long breaks can hamper the learning process simultaneously; stuffing kids with a lot of information yields no results. We have designed our curriculum to let kids learn every day and retain the information gathered in the online playschool classes

  1. Our E-Learning methodology is scalable. 

All you need during online classes is a smartphone/laptop/desktop and a stable internet connection. We maintain a balance in teaching students of different batch sizes, ranging from 1:1 to 1:20

  1. We intend to provide a customized curriculum 

We conduct LIVE classes on the most trusted online platform like zoom meetings. Moreover, when we say we have a customized curriculum, we keep it separate for different batch sizes of 1:1, 1:5, 1:10, and 1:20. We provide links to downloadable worksheets, videos, etc., which are readily accessible to gain a deeper understanding of each learning topic for your child. 

  1. Parental involvement is encouraged and appreciated in our curriculum

Parents and other trusted adults play a vital role in the whole learning process of a child. As a learning coach, you are the most trusted mentor for your kids. You can access the curriculum and grade books to keep your students updated. You can also schedule meetings with your teachers to see your child learn, grow and prosper. 

  1. We have certified and passionate teachers teaching effectively  

Online education or preschool at home is different from regular classroom education. Virtual school teachers are certified and specially trained to teach online. Students receive regular online lessons, including live classes, from experts in the class and one-to-one support as needed. 

  1. We let kids learn at their own pace 

Each student has a different learning method. Virtual schools allow students to complete classes at their own pace, and kids can spend more time on every concept. The children can move on to the next lesson when they are ready. 

  1. We have a flexible daily school schedule

As a virtual school, we provide flexible working hours to suit your family’s lifestyle. A physical school may not work for families who travel frequently or for students engaged in lengthy activities such as the arts and elite sports. A flexible daily schedule allows families to do more extracurricular activities.


Child safety is the priority at OurPlayschool.com. Many potentially free apps contain inappropriate advertisements and links that can accidentally direct your toddler to an unsafe and potentially harmful website. The content itself may or may not be suitable for pre-schoolers. Finding safe, educational, and appropriate content for pre-schoolers in India is a real challenge for parents. 

With OurPlayschool.com, you can keep your child safe. OurPlayschool.com has a team of passionate teachers who take great pride and joy in providing the best learning experience with fun learning activities for the youngest learners.