What is a vocabulary? 

Vocabulary is all about words, a set of meaningful terms used in any language which usually develops with age. Learning more words serves as a tool in proper communication. Acquiring an extensive vocabulary is a challenge in the English language. The Basic, high-frequency, and low-frequency vocabulary are the three types of vocabulary in the English language.

Importance of vocabulary in early childhood education?

Introducing vocabulary during the early years boosts the child’s power of persuasion. It strengthens their ability to grasp ideas and think logically. It allows them to comprehend the ideas from others and interpret them in their ways. Having a rich vocabulary helps the child to communicate engagingly. Vocabulary is the key to reading comprehension. A text read without an understanding of the words is meaningless. Without a proper understanding of the words, children cannot understand others or express their idea. Vocabulary is not limited to the English language but across the curriculum from performing arts to calculations in mathematics. Every study requires a clear comprehension that allows the learner to perform better.

A strong vocabulary improves all areas of communication – listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Expanding a child’s knowledge of words allows them to explore the new information that makes them content and knowledgeable. A child with in-depth awareness will volunteer in various activities and discussions. The level of interaction is active and exemplary, paving the way for a confident individual.

How is OurPlayschool standing out in building vocabulary in children?

The first-ever live interactive Online Preschool, OurPlayschool, has a wholesome set of activities to build the vocabulary skill of the pre-schoolers. Being a pioneer in facilitating a multilingual learning approach, the online preschool emphasizes creating a space for the children where they are allowed to interact with their teachers and peers. The excessive learning activities of introducing sight words/high-frequency words in a fun play-way method encourage the children to learn at their phase. The small and the large group interactive sessions like short discussions, show and tell, public speaking, journal writing, role-play, dramatic play, and read-aloud are a few of the related activities that boost the skill. At OurPlayschool, we assure a confident, future-ready, and future-smart child.