Online Preschool Is As Good As Offline Preschool

The foundation years are the most crucial, and we parents and adults strive to provide the best during these early years. Many years back, the initial education always started from home. Parents were the first teachers. It was pride for the parents to talk about their children with their friends or relatives on their visit. We all have memories of when our parents asked us to recite alphabet rhymes or number rhymes in front of family and friends. People cheered with treats and applause every time we did it right! Wow! Wasn’t that just amazing!! Learning with parents and teachers together is always fun.

Changes in early years education

Early years education has taken a drastic change these years. There are various trends in learning that have emerged. People now realize that holistic education is mandatory during the early years. The study is not new. It all started more than a century back in European countries. The contribution from many educationists in early years education is tremendous. Thanks to the educationists, who enlightened the later generation to respect childhood and nurture their formative years. 

An Offline Preschool

Children in their early years need a space to move around, talk freely, laugh, play and learn their way. An Offline Preschool is created based on these requirements. The classrooms are fun both for teachers and pre-schoolers. An offline Preschool is where the whole group has fun learning for a few specified hours every day. As already mentioned, the learning is changed and not the same. Preschool is all about learning through play and fun. Do you want to know what type of learning happens in their classrooms?

Time to unwind the curiosity! The little ones are allowed to talk to each other, sing, and dance with each other. Stories, rhymes, role-play, dramatic play, mess with colours, shapes, learning materials, tools, literacy, numeracy, and awareness concepts are a few of the fun. Hope! Now you understand all about an Offline Preschool!!

An Online Preschool

The last two years forced us to believe that all that happens in an Offline Preschool can and is possible in an Online Preschool. The online preschool has proved more efficient compared to Offline Preschool. The same skill-based activities are well-planned and well-executed online. The listening, speaking, comprehending, thinking, writing, reading, motor, emotional, social, creative, and aesthetic skills are taken proper care of with well-planned tech-based activities. Tech-based activities are the best interactive improvised teaching tools often used in Online Preschool and Offline Preschool. And, can you imagine all these at the comfort of your home? Isn’t this just amazing! 


The first ever live Online Preschool is a pioneer in the field of online Preschool education. Over the past year, it has proved to be a year of challenge and a tremendous learning journey for the team OurPlayschool. A well-planned curriculum with holistic learning activities at an affordable price is what you get at OurPlayschool. Reaching out to the maximum number of kids providing the best education making them future-ready is the only vision of So why think when Online Preschool is not different from an Offline Preschool?