Give Your Kids Wings to Fly : A New Model for Education-Fun & Learning

Educating children, especially toddlers takes a lot of energy. A child’s mind is still developing and can be molded with the help of information and exposure. This is why we need to be careful while transferring knowledge to them.

As parents and tutors, we assume that everything we teach the child is transferred 100% to their brains without failure. However, when this does not take place it leads to anger and frustration in the adult. We need to understand the child’s mind and become aware of their learning process. 

FLY learning for preschoolers is one way to ensure that the transferred knowledge remains intact in the child’s brain. To understand this model further, read through the benefits and functioning of this model. 

What are Fun and learning?

Fun and learning or the FLY concept for kids can be understood very simply keeping in mind that the best way for your little one to learn is while having fun. This program allows contents to be transferred in a controlled manner. With 50% extra curricular activities, 20% general knowledge and 30% of regular curriculum, we introduce new concepts to your child at a pace they are comfortable with.

The FLY programs aim at making learning a wholesome and engaging experience. Through our activities, we expose your child to different kinds of arts and cool science. While your child is exploring different subjects through these activities, you can see what engages your little one the most.

Fun and learning are aimed at feeding only as much information in a child’s head as he is capable of comprehending and applying. Controlled learning can be the best form of learning for a young mind. 

What Are the Benefits of the FLY Program for Toddlers?

The fun and learning concept is an extraordinary way of teaching preschoolers. Some educational benefits of this program have been listed below: 

1.Better and sustained learning:

If the child is given little knowledge every time, there rests a higher possibility of enhanced learning. The child can retain the knowledge for a longer period of time and apply it more finely. 

2. Enhanced understanding:

By imparting information slowly, there is an opportunity to explain things in depth. Additional time spent on a particular concept with more patience would give way to an enhanced understanding of the concept. 

3. Added fun in the learning process:

With controlled learning, a child’s singular capability to learn is paid attention to. Knowledge can be imparted using various means such as games and videos allowing the child to understand things in a manner most conducive to his understanding which makes learning fun. 

4. Reduced pressure:

The child will not be pressurized if he is made to take little steps. Some amount of learning every day healthily is best suited to overall development over a period of time. Furthermore, reduced pressure would tip their boat towards better performance. 

5. Increased parental satisfaction:

Since the child would be able to gather most of what has been taught by the tutor or the parent, there will be increased satisfaction. It will make the tutor more enduring and allow them to put their best foot forward in educating the child. 

How Fun and Learning Works for Kids?

There are usually three different outcomes of teaching – no learning, fragmented learning, and meaningful learning. No learning is a state where the child has understood nothing of the concept taught to him. 

Fragmented learning means that the child has been able to gather only a part of what was taught and finally, meaningful learning is when the child has complete knowledge and can apply the concept in practice. 

Fun and learning makes sure that the third category of learning stands the highest chance. It makes learning fun with the inclusion of distinguished educational games, learning arts, and activities. Since there is ample time to give to a particular concept, using various interesting means to keep the child engaged. 

This program can be an excellent mode of preschool learning with the focus on a child’s grasping power and capability to understand. 



The family and home environment are particular to a young child’s survival and development, as has been stated by UNICEF. Therefore, if the child is tutored under pressure at home it might hamper the child’s growth. The FLY program provides a healthy learning environment for children to learn and grow. offers online classes for preschool learners that provide the right environment for your child to learn. We follow a fun and learning process to analyse the requirements of your child and impart regulated information to make education more interesting and beneficial.  


We also provide an opportunity to opt for multiple classes a day. You can regulate your child’s screen time and the amount of information you wish him/her to seek on a particular day. So, here is a chance for you to choose the best online learning platform for preschool education for your child.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]