Make a Smart Choice as a Parent– Opt for Online LIVE Interactive Preschool for Your Child

The myth is untrue
Gone are the days of a pandemic that made us believe the new approach to preschool learning. Online preschool is as effective as offline preschool. The concepts taught in an online preschool are similar to those taught in an offline preschool. Both online and offline preschools work towards holistic development. 

What are the differences that haunt most of us as parents?

As an early years’ expert with two decades of experience with the offline preschool structure, it was demanding to accept the online approach initially. Physical and social were the two main domains that were a challenge. Now the myth remains untrue. It’s, in fact, the same, and somewhere we can even say it’s much better-taken care of in an online preschool.

What proves an online classroom effective?

Early years’ curriculum is always skill-based besides the holistic domains as pivotal. The framework remains the same globally, making it universal guidelines for early year’s education. Every preschool follows the same activities customized to the infrastructure and community requirements.
In a classroom of 1:10, there is a nanny who helps when required. And this is the scenario of a physical classroom. Imagine the same 1:10 in an online classroom! We have ten parents who support or volunteer the learning with the teacher. 

Who can assist better than a parent?

The parent involvement in their children’s learning has made the learning fun and engaging. Parents can help the child with the post-session practice that rarely happens in an offline school. The facilitator is learning with her students and their parents. Isn’t this amazing!
The social interaction that was limited to one particular school and classroom is multicultural now. One virtual classroom brings in various cultures, having students joining from different places. The multicultural approach was and is the best educational practice. So, the myth about social development is dejected again. 
Physical skill development is essential during the early years. There is no compromise with this. The learning time is reduced to 45 minutes to 1 hour compared to 3 to 4 hours in a physical school allowing the parents to enroll their children in co-curricular activities like swimming, dancing, yoga, singing, art and craft, boxing, karate, etc. 
The second myth about physical skill development is all vanished!

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