Kitchen Activities for Education

We all relate to schools as places of learning and education. It is equipped with resources, books, activities, and an environment that can stimulate the child. But did you ever think your kitchen could be a great place to teach your child multiple skills!

With pandemic changing the way children are schooled has also changed. This is the time to get creative and not let the learning stop!

Asking your child to help you out in sorting and stacking vegetables can serve as a great opportunity to teach them about multiple things:

Colours: while stacking, you can group similar coloured vegetables, fruits, spices, or pulses together, this can help them understand the concept of colours

Concept names: you can also introduce the names of the vegetable, fruits or any other favourite objects child has around the kitchen/house

Numeracy Skills: counting items while stacking them, using concepts of more than, less than. E.g. saying to your child “please bring the box with more amount of pulses”

Shapes and Sizes: they can learn about various shapes – E.g. oranges are round, carrots are cylindrical. Concepts of big-small, soft-rough E.g. telling the child “please get me the small/big lemon”

Motor skills: For older children, teaching the use of scissors to tear packets or knives to cut vegetables. Aids in the strengthening of fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination. While kneading the dough, giving a small portion to the child, and teaching them to knead it. This too will aid in the development of fine motor skills and build the strength of arms.

Textures: Teaching about textures through different items. E.g. smooth texture of apple, coarse texture of sugar

Learning new concepts and decision making: Involving children in stocking up the groceries. Teaching them how to check the MRP, ingredients, and date of expiry for different products.

Once every week, giving them a chance to make a list of groceries to be brought for the whole week. The process of looking up requirements and making a list will boost their decision-making skills.

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