Keeping kids positive during pandemic

With so many changes happening around the world, our children are also faced with new set of challenges. Transition to a new world, to new situations, new way of schooling- it has not been easy. But, let us accept it, this is here to stay.

Therefore, practices that promote positivity in children are important in today’s times; probably more than ever before. As parents and caregivers, there are ways in which we can do this

First and foremost we need to look at our reactions to stressful situations. Kids are every observant, they learn from their environment and from the people they are closest to. Therefore, we need to keep a check on ourselves and our emotions. If kids observe us reacting positively and with resilience to challenging and stressful situations, that is what they will learn as well.

Secondly, every day we can fix a time as family time. a dedicated couple of minutes where the whole family sits together talks to each other, play games, and just unwind and relax. This can help the child feel calmer, make them feel valued and also provide a space to open up to you about their emotions

Thirdly, keeping a routine can be helpful. Children prefer a sense of predictability in their life. Amidst all the uncertainties and changes happening around the world, providing a structure – in the form of a rough routine can help in keeping them active and positive. make sure you involve the child in the process of making the routine.

Lastly, helping children develop a sense of gratitude and thankfulness. By sitting with them at night and discussing what their happy memories of the day were- recalling things, situations, or people who made them feel happy! This can aid in deepening the sense of positivity and improve their resilience

Let me tell you, after the pandemic is over, they will not remember the homework they did or games they played or the schooldays they missed – rather they will remember the emotions they felt. Let us make sure, when they look back, they see happiness & positivity.


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