Ideal Class Size for Preschool: How Does it Matter?

How much attention do your toddlers get in online classes? Class size is one of the factors to consider when assessing school effectiveness. Studies have shown that kids studying in a smaller group respond better than those studying in comparatively bigger batches. Thus, let us look at the significance of ideal classroom size and how it may impact your kids. 

What is the importance of online class size for Preschool Kids?

The benefits of small classes go beyond test scores and student involvement. In addition to the long-term positive characteristics of small class sizes in preschool programs, the benefits include sustained success in research and life. 

How does online class size affect the learning of Preschool Kids?

Experimental results suggest that smaller classes promote higher achievement in early primary school. Classroom activities in small batches can significantly improve performance. The small class size with fewer children will create a suitable learning environment for quality interaction in society and the classroom for young learners. 

With fewer children per teacher, children can interact with the teachers and get personalized attention, resulting in more learning and better student performance. For instance, we at generally have customizable classroom sizes like 1:1, 1:3, 1:5, and 1:20. When we say customizable, we mean parents can go for the class size depending on the requirement of their kid. 

In small classes during online preschool, teachers can contact each student more individually and increase the likelihood of using differentiated teaching methods to meet each student’s individual developmental needs.

Online Class size for Pre-schoolers at OurPlayschool

Our team at OurPlayschool understands that each kid learns at different paces and has different perceptions that directly influence their learning style. Customizable class sizes and flexible timings are the perfect blends of the ultimate learning experiences. 

Benefits of having Different Online Preschool Class Size

  1.  Be noticed:It becomes more difficult to hide or be left behind in small classes during preschool learning. A small number of students means that everyone can get the necessary attention from the teacher. Kids are also encouraged to participate in discussions and express their views. 
  2.  Better Results:A survey shows that high school students perform better in smaller classes and better on college entrance exams. Healthy interaction in a small class promotes the exchange of healthy ideas and valuable knowledge, and better learning boosts results. 
  3.  Improved learning:Students learn more and faster in smaller classes. They are encouraged to share their views and ask and answer questions, which also benefits their peers. 
  4. Teachers Tend to Teach Better: The preschool teacherswill have more opportunities to observe and evaluate the entire class and students individually. Learning is further enhanced when teachers and students can interact spontaneously in the classroom. 
  5. Classes Become a Community:With fewer students per class, individuals become more confident and social in staying in touch with their peers and sharing their ideas and perspectives. These connections lead to lasting friendships, and students respect and build ties with peers from different cultures and beliefs. 
  6. Opportunity to participate: Students who have such an opinion have more opportunities to express themselves in class. Kids can better use the acquired knowledge in discussions, and everyone learns something new every time they participate.
  7.  More Feedback:Teachers have more time to personalize their feedback in the preschool classes so that each student understands the subject, receives the support they need, and maximizes their potential. 


Small classes have several advantages to be considered. Every kid is different and so are their requirements. Not every kid can learn and grow at the same phase. With, you get an option to choose the batch size for your toddler, keeping in mind their learning style. To know more about the admission process, you can click here