How Preschool Facilitates Online Learning for Kids during Pandemic?

With normal activities coming to a grinding halt with the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic, people the world over seem to be working from home.

An essential part of conducting affairs from home is online learning for kids. Just like office work, learning too must not stop, whether or not schools are open.

With most parents wary of sending their kids to school, online learning is the need of the hour. A child can learn from the safe confines of the home.

Online learning not only protects kids from the pandemic but also familiarizes them with technology, which is crucial in today’s day and age.

Furthermore, unlike physical classes, pupils do not have to waste time traveling. All these are benefits of online learning.

Preschools today can particularly help in online learning as they provide kids with attractive and fun courses, multilingual batches, and flexibility in timings.


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Here are Few Steps Taken at Preschool to facilitate learning

Online preschool is the new normal now. From teaching music and dance to basic alphabets – everything can now be taught via a video call.

Here are the few steps taken by preschools to encourage online learning:

  • Some online preschools like have introduced flexible timings for working parents. Since both parents are now working from home, it is best to have flexible timings so that they can actively monitor their children’s education.
  • Providing the option of multiple languages at the preschool level is also important for online learning. This helps parents and children from different regions to choose their language for subjects and medium of instruction.
  • Schools that provide online lessons should ideally provide shorter screen times, thereby giving relief to children from long exposure to their computers.


How Do You Make Online School Fun for Kids?

There are many ways parents can make online school fun for kids:

  • Give them constant breaks so that online training does not seem to be tedious. This will help your kids to concentrate better when they attend the classes. This will also help them to finish tasks without getting tired.
  • Engagement with kids is crucial. Teachers cannot teach everything. Therefore, parents need to take charge of online studies. Often children have doubts, which they failed to clarify with their teachers online. In this case, parents should take the onus of clarifying the doubts of their kids. This can make online learning both fun and easy.
  • Online learning should involve plenty of DIYs, quizzes, puzzles, and games that have both entertainment and educational values. These can make study time something that children can look forward to.


How Can I Make My Online School Better?

If you are planning to give your child online education, then there are a couple of pointers you should take into account:

  • Be careful about the timings for online preschool. Timings should be such that they do not hamper your office work.
  • Create a regular study space for your child at home. This will give your child a sense of discipline and a school-like feeling.
  • Keep your kids motivated by offering rewards and prizes for good behavior.
  • Not every child learns the same way. You should figure out the best way your child can learn.
  • Try to eliminate distractions while your child is undertaking an online class. This means that there should not be loud music, TV, or talking over the phone.
  • Try to take a keen interest in your child’s daily progress. Ask them what they have learned.
  • Treat online classroom sessions as real sessions, not as substitutes for the same.


What Time Do Most Preschools Start?

Most preschools start at 8 a.m. on weekdays. Online classroom time typically depends on the age of the child and how much screen time is allowed by the parents.

Further, many of the schools incorporate separate sessions for classwork and group activities. Physical preschools usually start in the morning and end before lunch.



The Covid-19 pandemic has deeply impacted the way education is imparted in the country and the world over. Physical classroom sessions have been replaced by online learning for kids. Online preschool, just like other types of schools, has become popular among parents.

However, the greatest benefit of online education during the pandemic is that it keeps the kids safe. is a leading provider of quality education in the form of digital classrooms.

We have come up with several interesting online courses with total flexibility in timings and options for teaching in several Indian languages.

Our specially crafted and well-thought-out online classroom sessions are meant to stimulate children, thereby contributing to their overall development and growth.

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