Give Your Kids Wings to Fly : A New Model for Education-Fun & Learning

As parents and tutors, we assume that everything we teach our children is transferred 100% to their brains without a doubt. Anger and frustration pop out the time we realize the assumptions were wrong. There is a vast difference in the learning process of the children and the adults. FLY learning for pre-schoolers is one way to ensure that the transferred knowledge remains intact in their brains. Let us now understand the benefits of the program.

What are fun and learning?

Fun and learning or the FLY concept for kids is a program that makes you realize that the best way for your little one to learn is through having fun. It consists of the general awareness, literacy, and numeracy concepts taught differently in a fun and inquiry-based approach encouraging the children to comprehend what they learn. With 50% extracurricular activities, 20% general knowledge, and 30% of the regular curriculum, we introduce new concepts to the child at their pace. 

The FLY programs aim at making learning a wholesome and engaging experience. Through our activities, children are encouraged to various forms of active learning. 

Fun and learning is a focused approach with exact and intact information required for the little minds. Controlled learning can be the best form of learning for young minds. 

What Are the Benefits of the FLY Program for Toddlers?

The fun and learning concept is an extraordinary way of teaching pre-schoolers. Some educational benefits of this program are listed below: 

  1. Better and sustained learning:

If the child is provided with limited knowledge every time, it assures enhanced learning. Knowledge retention is more effective.

  1. Enhanced understanding:

By imparting information slowly, there is an opportunity to explain things in depth. Additional time spent on a particular concept with more patience would give way to an enhanced understanding of the concept. 

  1. Added fun in the learning process:

If the concepts taught include games and videos, it allows the children to comprehend better. Learning is a warm feeling when it is involved with the fun.  

  1. Reduced pressure:

Children do not require irrelevant and additional information. Limited learning with vast exposure works wonders. Furthermore, reduced pressure would tip their boat towards better performance. 

  1. Increased parental satisfaction:

Since the child would be able to retain most of what has been taught by the tutor or the parent, there will be increased satisfaction. It will make the tutor more enduring and allow them to put their best foot forward in educating the child. 

How do Fun and Learning work for Kids?

There are usually three different outcomes of teaching – no learning, fragmented learning, and meaningful learning. The first one is where the child understands nothing of the concept taught.

Fragmented learning is where the child comprehends only a part of the learning. Meaningful learning is when the child has complete knowledge and can apply the concept in practice. 

Fun and learning ensure a meaningful learning atmosphere. It makes learning fun with a distinguished set of educational games, learning arts, and activities. And there is ample time to give to a particular concept, using various learning aids to keep the child engaged. 

This program can be an excellent mode of preschool learning with a focus on a child’s grasping power and capability to understand. 


The family and home environment are mandatory for the proper development of a child, as stated by UNICEF. Therefore a child nurtured under pressure at home displays hampered growth. The FLY program provides a healthy learning environment for children to learn and grow. offers online classes for preschool learners that provide the right environment for your child to learn. We follow a fun and learning approach to ensure the balanced nourishment required for your child and impart regulated information to make education beneficial.  

We also provide an opportunity to choose multiple classes a day. You can regulate your child’s screen time and the amount of information you wish them to seek on a particular day. So, here is a chance for you to choose the best online learning platform for preschool education for your child.