The first-ever live interactive Online Preschool is a pioneer in the field of online Preschool education. OurPlayschool operates from the education hub Bangalore reaching out to thousands of youngest generations across India. Over the past year, it has proved to be a year of challenge and a tremendous learning journey for the team OurPlayschool. A well-planned curriculum with holistic learning activities at an affordable price is what you get at OurPlayschool. Reaching out to the maximum number of kids providing the best education making them future-ready is the only vision of

If we are not learning, we stop growing. And this saying is true when it comes to early years learning. At OurPlayschool, there’s an opportunity for mindful learning especially, for the pre-schoolers who grow up to be future leaders. We understand that the skills, their availability, and how we deliver them will only grow in importance, inspire their curiosity, and by doing so, create the foundation for the children to achieve their full potential. Our Online Preschool understands that knowledge is the best investment that assures a lifetime of quality and meaningful living. As we continue to move through this period of rapid change, we provide our pre-schoolers with the very best of learning.

Over the past 16 months in the field of early childhood education, OurPlayschool has catered to children from Varanasi to New Delhi, Tirunelveli to Chennai, Satara Sangh to Mumbai, Ratlam to Indore, Siliguri to Kolkata, and Kottayam to Hyderabad in India and children abroad in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Canada. The children at our Online Preschool are privileged to have a multicultural approach to learning from our passionate team of educators. The best policy you can buy for your children is to provide them with a multidisciplinary education for a lifetime starting from an early age. Why wait when is here to make your child’s future acceptable and future-ready?