Bubble fun – know the benefits!

Children love playing with bubbles! They are shiny, big and so fascinating after all! Mixing, holding, blowing, and popping bubbles can go on for hours. Children can develop some essential skills as they enjoy playing with bubbles

• Relaxing
The very act of blowing bubbles can be happy and positively stimulating for the child. They enjoy, laugh and play which keeps them relaxed and joyful

• Better physical development and body awareness
While playing with bubbles, children are required to mix the solution, hold the wand, move the wand in and out of the container. All of this helps in developing fine motor control. When they blow out the bubbles with certain force, the muscles of jaw and mouth get strengthened, which aids in development of the oral-motor skills. While popping and bursting the bubbles, they may clap, jump, kick, run around. This furthers their bodily coordination and awareness.

• Language development
While playing with bubbles, children learn new words that they associate with the nature of the bubbles. It is an opportunity to teach children new words, whilst blowing bubbles and having fun! E.g. Talking about the bubbles being round, wet, floating up, floating down, saying “Oh, bubbles are going up!” or “Bubbles are flying away” can help them improving vocabulary too.

• Socialisation
When done with other people, it aids in better communication and socialisation. They learn to wait for the instructions, follow them, and enjoy with peers in a cordial and enjoyable way

• Awareness of directions and space
When playing with bubbles, they track the bubbles in space and in different directions. This improves their coordination and sense of direction. E.g. chasing around the bubbles as they fly around

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