7 Tips That Will Make Homework Fun for Kids

Homework, especially preschool homework for kids, can be quite a chore. With the whole world working from home and online classes going on in full swing, parents can sometimes feel burdened when it comes to helping kids with homework.

Taking care of kids, getting kids to do homework and keeping their interests alive can all be a bit burdensome for the parents involved. Here are 7 tips for helping your child with homework:

Here are the 7 Tips to Make Homework Fun for Kids:

Motivate your kids:

A kid doing homework needs motivation. If a child refuses to do homework, you may want to give him or her something to look forward to as a prize for studying like extra iPad time or favorite snack or gaming privileges.

These small allowances help in motivating your child and encouraging him to do homework. What is important to remember here is that the main aim is to make homework fun by adding incentives to the task. This encourages academic achievements and fosters discipline.

Study with them:

This does not mean that you do their homework. All it means is that you study with them and help them to understand concepts that they may find difficult to grasp. This kind of homework help for kids works wonders. Your child can see you and emulate you. In this way, they can avoid procrastination and make homework time fun.

Take help from online resources:

There are plenty of online resources that can provide homework help for kids. These apps have fun videos, easy learning techniques, and exciting coursework that can make homework sessions fun.

Get a homework buddy:

A homework buddy can really encourage your child to finish homework. Children learn through emulation. An online zoom group meeting can be made while doing homework and children can together finish their work. This will keep them on their toes and help in your child’s development.

Incorporate break time:

We all need breaks in our daily routine. Your child needs it too. Breaks help your child to do homework. Your child can have snacks, play a little or even take a quick nap during the break. This will only encourage your child to concentrate more on the work at hand.

Make learning fun:

Learning in order to be interesting needs to be fun and exciting. Incorporate lots of quizzes, puzzles, pictures, and graphics if your child refuses to do homework. These exercises make the child’s learning process fun and prevent him or her from getting bored. This can be particularly helpful if you are struggling with preschool homework for kids.

Reward them:

Reward your kids after a day’s online session or after homework submission. A child doing homework will have added incentive if she knows that she has something to look forward to after completing her homework. The reward can be small but meaningful. This will make homework time fun.

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What Do You Do When Your Child Refuses to Do Online Preschool Work?

When your child refuses to do homework, there are many things you can do to encourage your child to do homework. One thing you should not do is to chastise them. Instead, here are some homework fun tips for kids:

  • Woo them with a reward if they are able to finish the homework. This will motivate them to finish the task at hand.
  • Make them their favorite snack or dinner meal, which might encourage your child to do homework.
  • Completing homework can also be encouraged by tackling easier subjects first. This will help your child to get comfortable with homework. For example, if your kids love math, let them start with that.
  • Playing games with them is a fun way of motivating your child in doing homework sessions.
  • Online preschool sessions can also incorporate song, dance, painting, and craft sessions to make homework fun.
  • Homework sessions can be made easy through structured lessons. Prepare a lesson plan for your child for the week. This will help your child to stay focused and he or she will be able to anticipate what to do throughout the week.
  • Homework time should not include distractions, such as loud music, TV, or video games.

How Do I Help My Child with Homework?

Nowadays with work from home and online classes, it is easier for parents to help their children. Do not waste this opportunity. Here are a couple of things that you can do to help with your little kids’ homework:

  1. Sit with your kids as they finish preschool work. If they see you sitting with them, they might be encouraged to do homework.
  2. If they are not able to understand a new concept, then try to explain it in your own way with real-world examples.
  3. You can also make online preschool homework for kids’ fun by incorporating creative things. From dance sessions to quizzes, there are ample things to pep up the lessons.
  4. Be sure to celebrate their academic achievements. Children like to be praised if they do something right. Appraisal adds to their self-confidence.


Online preschool homework for kids can be quite a challenge for struggling parents, who are left wondering: do kids need homework? From rewards to cooking their favorite meals, there are plenty of ways in which you can encourage your child to finish homework.

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