5 Benefits of Personalised 1-on-1 live Classes for Kids

Educating children is not as easy as it seems, especially with their wandering head and unwillingness to learn.

Do you want your child to focus and learn quickly, why not try 1 to 1 lesson? Private lessons can aid your child’s development in multiple ways by providing them with individual attention and tailored classes.

Online learning for kids renders the learning process easier, however, 1 to 1 class will make learning more flexible and available whenever desired.

With individual classes, you are entitled to individual choices. You can pick up a suitable time, a competent teacher and a range of subjects for your little one.

Does one-to-one preschool class sound appropriate already? Why not have a look at some other advantages it brings home for your child?

What is a 1 to 1 Class?

A one-to-one class, as the name suggests, involves only two individuals – student and teacher.

In these classes, the teacher’s complete attention is channelized to a single student to help him overcome the challenges he is facing in learning and speed up the learning process.

The teacher, just like home tutors, pays close attention to the child’s capabilities as well as shortcomings and works on them.

Each child is different and requires a personalized learning process, especially in the initial years. Thus, these classes aim to let a child learn at his pace and in a manner most conducive to him.

Additionally, one-to-one classes allow parents to participate enormously in their child’s education. They have complete authority to have a word with the tutor and alter the curriculum that is being followed.

Parents thereby have a say in what the child is being taught and can also participate in the education process via online classes for kids.

Here are 5 benefits of a 1:1 class for kids

One-to-one classes for kids come with numerous advantages and can be the right means of preschool education.

Some benefits of these classes have been discussed below:

Close attention:

The foremost advantage of these lesson plans is the close attention that your child is entitled to.

Each activity of the child is carefully monitored by the teacher which helps in strategizing appropriate plans for the kid’s education.

With close attention, the child learns quickly with relatively fewer chances of failure. Moreover, the test analysis also takes place individually further providing an opportunity to improve.

Eliminates distraction:

Children get distracted with the slightest of movements around them. Studying with fellow children provides a plethora of opportunities for your child to find entertainment elsewhere keeping learning at a halt.

With individual classes, this problem gets solved allowing your child to focus and learn at a better place.

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Increased interactive opportunities:

In a class of multiple students, every child has to wait for his turn. However, in 1 to 1 preschool classes, the child has the tutor entirely to himself which facilitates better communication as well as counseling.

The classes become more interactive which not just makes the child learn better but also allows him to have fun while learning.

No fear of failure:

The initial learning years are extremely crucial when the child is to be kept in the best spirits. Competing with his fellows can be a negative approach in the beginning preschool years and might demotivate the child.

1 to 1 learning lessons provide a conducive atmosphere for learning devoid of unhealthy competition.

Better and faster learning:

With individual attention and growth analysis, the child is destined to learn better and faster without a doubt.

There is an opportunity to have all doubts cleared immediately. With personalized teaching plans, the child can learn better in a healthy environment and with proper aid.


It has been stated by UNICEF, “Schooling does not always lead to learning. Worldwide, there are more non-learners in school than out of school”. Make sure that your child is not just attending school but is also learning and progressing.

One way you can ensure this is by providing your child with one-to-one preschool online classes.

At OurPlayschool.com, we provide an opportunity for your child to grow in the best way possible by conducting one-to-one classes.

Additionally, we give you a chance to impart multilingual education to your child and not just give 1 to 1 English lessons.

We aim at making preschool learning at-home fun for your child, be it something as basic as counting skills or spelling bees.

Allow your children to learn and grow in the way they like without making them follow the conventional system.

The willingness to learn would be multiplied manifold, the level of knowledge would come up and your child will truly stand out to give you a fair return for all the effort you are putting in his education and learning.