What can be happier and satisfying than meeting their friends, giggle and play for a child?

But the pandemic uncertainties have forced them into the wide world of online play dates and learning. Children used to be glued to screens even before the lockdown and it has been the biggest concern for the parents worldwide. Unprecedented access to technology and excessive screen time might result in various health and behavioural outcomes such as obesity, short attention span, emotional outbursts, sleep deprivation and language difficulties.

Now, since they are locked inside the house for the whole day and parents unable to spend quality time with them despite being at home the ultimate resort for them is to watch something on the tv or laptop or tablets and even smart phones.

With the addition of learning also happening on these screens’ parents are much more worried than before. They are struggling to keep a tab on the watching time.

However, screen time can be used wisely for early learning. At OPS we realised the concerns and hence we limit the classes to only up to 3. On weekdays parents can choose to take up to 3 curricular classes for their children limiting their screen exposure to minimum.