Language Learning (English)

  • English is the one common language used globally for proper communication and understanding.
  • Globalization and the English language work hand-in-hand. The English language is the one key to productive business management.
  • Nevertheless, the English language has given a new life to modern man. 
  • com, the pioneer in starting multilingual and multicultural online live interactive classes, is ready with the online English language course, especially for the little ones. Why should we deprive our young generation of the best when we can provide?
  • The enriching online language learning course strengthens the English reading, speaking, and conversation skills. 
  • Every class is a fun-filled experience with stories and tasks, interactive tasks, and sound through actions. 
  • The emphasis is on understanding the language and speaking fluently. 
  • The objective is for the kids to build a strong foundation in English from an early age leading to superior communication abilities, presentation skills, and confidence through academic and professional lives.
  • Online English language classes at OurPlayschool are conducted by trained teachers in an interactive and fun way right from our studios, making it possible for the children to learn from the comfort of their homes.

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