Crack It All Kids -WiseWalnuts General Knowledge Program

  • OurPlayschool’s online General Knowledge program thrives to enhance the analytical skills of the kids, making them future-smart & efficient.
  • The online course aims at creating a sturdy base for young kids so that they perform excellently in their academics, peer-to-peer interactions, debates, and other knowledge-based competitions.
  • General knowledge is something that helps kids to grow both on a personal as well as academic level.
  • It allows children to perceive, understand and analyse the world around them.
  • General knowledge immensely helps kids and is a brain booster for young minds.
  • The enriching online general knowledge course strengthens the cognitive, intellectual, problem solving, social and emotional skills.
  • Every class is a fun-filled experience with stunning topics across the universe.
  • The emphasis is to ignite and inspire the curiosity of the children.
  • Online general knowledge classes at OurPlayschool are conducted by passionate and smart teachers in an interactive and fun way right from our studios, making it possible for the children to learn from the comfort of their homes.

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