Why Are Time Flexible Routines in Online Play Schools Important?

It is imperative to teach children the importance of time and discipline. It not only helps them to be productive but it also builds the habit of adhering to a schedule. The training given to children in their formative years stays with them for the rest of their lives.

While doing things on pre-decided time is important, given the current situation, it is also crucial to have time flexible online preschool classes. If you are wondering how you can still teach your child the importance of time even with a flexible routine for online classes, keep on reading this blog.

Importance of Time Schedule & Routines in Early Childhood

Let’s begin with addressing the obvious; it is important to create a routine for toddlers as soon as possible. It helps in creating lifelong positive habits. In addition to that, a healthy daily schedule for toddlers helps in the following ways:

Sets the Body Clock:

Children require more rest time than adults as they are physically more active. However, it is not easy to get kids into bed. When you have a proper schedule that defines playing time and sleep schedule, they start becoming used to it. According to doctors, it will take your child’s body approximately 2 weeks to accept any sleeping pattern.

Teaches Patience:

When you go by the clock every day, your child starts accepting a fixed time for every activity. They notice when they are fed, bathed, and when they get to play. Instead of throwing a tantrum about doing a certain thing at the time of their choice, they patiently wait for that activity’s allotted time. It teaches them to be patient.

Builds Confidence:

By knowing in advance what they have to do, like brushing their teeth or studying, children feel confident. As they don’t have to look for someone else to tell them what their course of action will be, they become ready to take charge of their lives at an early age. Your child’s daily routine schedule will make them independent.

Importance of Flexible Online Play School

It is important to set a daily routine for kids but we need to also teach them the importance of flexibility. First, you must know the difference between schedule and routine.

Schedules are time-bound and more controlling in nature while routines tell us what needs to be done every day without constraining us to a time slot, for example: playing, reading, eating, and watching television.

A flexible routine promotes spontaneity in children. They remain aware of their daily tasks and have ample time to pursue something that is happening at that moment. For example, if a kid’s daily schedule says that they have to finish their homework but they find an interesting plant in the garden.

A flexible routine will allow them to satiate their curious mind by spending extra time in the garden while still ensuring that everything on their daily schedule is checked.

Similarly, we should also aim at making online classes flexible so that children could learn at their pace without missing any opportunity. When an online preschool offers a flexible daily routine for toddlers, children get to:

  • Enjoy the spontaneity of daily life
  • Follow other creative pursuits
  • Leverage the immediate teachable moment
  • Be more in charge of their time
  • Feel more responsible for their duties
  • Get to enjoy life without missing any opportunity
  • Incorporate more activities in their routine


Organizing a daily routine for kids is the need of the hour but we must also ensure that it is not too rigid. We must give them ample space so that they can enjoy the activities that they are fond of. In today’s new norm of work-from-home, at least one parent or both parents in metro cities are working from their place of residence.

In many cases, the parents have to share their laptops with their kids for the online preschool classes. Thus, having a preschool that gives the option of flexible timings is a great help to parents who won’t have to miss an important online business meeting because their child is using their laptop during work hours.

Also, in smaller cities, there may be infrastructure bottlenecks like scheduled power cuts or internet connectivity issues. If an online play school offers flexible timings, then the parents can choose a suitable time keeping in mind these infrastructure bottlenecks.

At OurPlayschool.com, we give you the option to choose the class time as per your child’s routine and your convenience as a parent, between 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. This is done keeping in mind the fact that each family is different and so are their needs. While some parents may prefer early morning classes for their young ones, some may prefer the afternoon or evenings.

There is something for everyone to choose from as per their requirements. The discipline that you install in your little ones at this tender age will stay in their minds forever. Make sure that they understand the importance of time and their routine includes everything from studies to fun activities.

FAQ on Time schedule & Routines

What Is a Routine in Early Childhood?

Your child’s early childhood routine should not be complex. At this age, you should focus on their sleep cycle and other daily activities like brushing their teeth, taking a bath, playing, and eating. The idea is to make them aware of the right time for these important activities.

How Do Routines Help a Child’s Development?

Kids’ daily schedule helps them immensely as they grow up. Since they are aware of the ideal time of every activity, you won’t have to pester them for the same as they grow up. It makes them independent as well. Most importantly, it teaches them the significance of time.

Should a Child’s Routine Be Rigid?

You should focus on creating a liberal routine for your child. There should be fixed time slots for some activities like eating and sleeping but you can give them freedom for leisure activities. Also, it is always better to witness your child’s aptitude before making any schedule.

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