5 Strategies to Boost Curiosity in Kids for Online Science Classes

Teaching children might not seem to be a difficult task, but engaging them happily in studies is surely one. It is very natural for children to get bored in classes and lose interest completely in learning. Hence, as a parent, it is your responsibility to ensure that your child is enjoying taking lessons and heading towards holistic development.

Teaching kids science at an early age can be a challenge for the parents, especially if they lack interest and curiosity in learning. Kids online science classes can come to aid to make learning fun for them which includes science experiments for kids, science projects, and other fun-based learning activities. Virtual classes can engage the child better and teach kids by boosting curiosity to learn new things.

We, at OurPlayschool.com, offer kids online science classes to help your child excel in learning. Read with us to know different ways in which you can boost curiosity in your child for learning science in online classes.

Why Are Online Science Classes Important for Kids?

Teaching a disciple as difficult as science requires personal attention and parental support for small children. To fulfil both these objectives online science classes can work wonderfully. Online classes, especially if they follow a one-to-one approach, make sure that they give a boost to your child’s curiosity and teach them in the best way possible.

Some advantages of these classes include easy science experiments for kids which make use of household items to help the child understand the wonders that take place in their everyday life. Additionally, online classes ensure that the child is given personal attention to slowly understand the difficult processes at their pace and practice things individually with their parent’s support.

The best thing about online science classes is that they take place at the pace which the child is comfortable learning so that he doesn’t feel burdened at any point.

How To Make Science Interesting for Kids?

Learning science can be made easier for kids by including fun-based activities and games in the learning process. Including easy science experiments becomes easier with the learning taking place online since children can indulge in online games and follow online science experiments.

It is a known fact that kids learn better if they have fun while learning. Along with that children can learn better when they get support from their parents in the learning process. With online learning, parents’ inclusivity gets better aiding the child in feeling more comfortable and eventually learning better.

5 Strategies To Boost Curiosity in Kids for Online Science Classes

A trainer must constantly assure that they boost the child’s curiosity while teaching them science in online classes.

Here are some strategies that can be helpful:

1. A balance between student-centric learning and teacher-led units:

While teaching a young child, one cannot give in totally to the student-led and student-centric approach since the child is very small to find the appropriate direction himself.

Hence, it is integral to strike a balance between student-centric learning and a teacher-led approach.

2. Help them identify their needs:

A child should be able to understand his needs and those around him as he grows up. A child should be motivated to understand his everyday needs and understand the basic scientific processes that are present around him.

It is believed that a child who can identify his needs at a young age has a sharp mind and a better comprehensive ability.

3. Build a routine and encourage prediction:

Children learn better when they are made to follow a routine. A fresh mind gets accustomed to functioning in whatever way it is moulded and hence, you must follow a routine.

At the same time, you must encourage predictions and guesses made by your child. It helps to keep their mental functioning smooth and makes them curious about everything going around them.

4. Indulge them in science experiments and projects:

Fun science experiments are the best way to boost a child’s curiosity and make them understand the basics.

Along with the final product of learning, one must ensure that the process of learning is infused with fun and challenges to keep the child interested.

5. Include learning activities:

Along with experiments and projects, children must be indulged in learning activities, especially with their parents.

All the processes a child learns about in classes should be performed in front of him.

You can also take your child to a park or other outdoor places to make him observe different species and the gardening process.


It is a known fact that children with strong social and emotional development show better academic performance as they grow up. Thus, along with educational needs, education should be made interesting for children to cater to their social and emotional development. Kids’ science projects and other experiments for kids are ways in which this development can take place.

At OurPlayschool.com, we provide online preschool learning classes for kids inclusive of fun-based modules to not only help them learn better but to also make them have fun and enjoy learning.

Along with this, we provide support of other extra-curricular activities for your child to engage with aiming at their all round growth and development.

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