How to Keep Kids Engaged During Online Learning?

Online learning has become the new normal. While adults are getting warm to this new concept, kids, especially preschoolers, are not enjoying it. While they might find it hard to study outside their classrooms, online learning is highly beneficial.

When you engage your child in online learning, you open doors to many possibilities and you can be present to witness every moment of it.

In online learning, children get to interact with their teachers and classmates virtually. Along with the educational side of it, online learning also includes team building activities for kids.

To make online learning interesting, teachers and other faculty members use stimulating videos and visual aids as well. Online learning aims at the educational, emotional, and social development of your child.

Here Are Tips to Keep Kids Engaged During Online Learning

It is a challenge to maintain Kids’ engagement in online preschool activities. This is because preschoolers have a short attention span. They need constant engagement and newness in everything that they do and learning is no different. Teachers and parents can make online learning engaging in the following ways:

1. Simplify

Online learning is challenging for preschoolers because it is not something that they are used to. Since preschoolers often show disliking towards any change in their routine, chances are that they will do the same with online learning.

Instead of pushing them and introducing complex topics, try to simplify things. If you want to teach them something new, try to break it into smaller topics.

2. Real to Virtual

Preschoolers love familiarity. Try to do the same activities with them that they would do in an offline classroom. If your kids enjoyed fun crafts in school, then they will enjoy it during an online class as well.

You can look for easy crafts for kids online and try to engage kids in that. This will not make online learning feel like an alien concept to them.

3. Appreciate Them

If you truly want to engage the child in an online preschool, you need to listen to them and value their contributions. Kids flourish when they are appreciated.

They want to be seen and they expect a response from the adults. This is a point that both teachers and parents should keep in mind. Appreciate every effort made by every kid.

4. Find New Ways of Teaching

Teachers have to repeat one concept again and again to the preschoolers. Since everything that they study is new, teachers have to be patient with them.

While repetition is necessary, it could become boring for the kids. Try to find new ways of teaching the same concept to keep them engaged.

How Can I Engage My Child Online?

While teachers organize many fun activities to engage children, here is what parents can do:

1. Leverage Technology

Show your children that technology is their friend. Find activities for kids online and encourage them to become tech-friendly.

Once they start accepting technology as their friend, online learning will become easier. Use it to make colorful slideshows and charts for them. It will help them understand whatever is taught in the class in a better way.

2. Create a Learning Environment

It is important to ensure that you create a learning environment for your children at home. It can get difficult, especially when you have limited space but without it, online learning will not keep them engaged.

It includes finding a space where kids can interact with others without interference and the Wi-Fi connection is uninterrupted.

3. Indulge in Preschool Activities

Since your child was earlier engaging in activities for preschoolers with friends, they might miss that companionship.

Try to replicate those activities at home. You can even repeat the extracurricular activities that your child did in the online classroom, especially the crafts for toddlers.

How Can Kids Improve Online learning?

Since preschoolers are too young to help themselves, their teachers and parents have to do the heavy lifting. Encourage them to set some goals. Make sure that these are daily goals and not too complex in nature. We need to comply with the intellectual and emotional level of kids.

As parents, you can think of various activities for kids at home. It is also important that teachers and parents interact with each other as frequently as possible to track the progress of the child.

You must also keep communication channels open with the child as well. Listen to what they are saying before you take any action.

Conclusion knows how to make online learning fun for kids. With our extracurricular activities, flexible timings, and multilingual classes, your child can learn everything without stepping outside.

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