Foundation building is vital for your child to step into the next class!

Have you ever wondered, why is a foundation or a school readiness program required? 
What is the purpose of a foundation course, and how will it help your child?
My response as an early year’s expert is, ‘The readiness program helps in a smooth transition from one level of learning to another”, irrespective of whatever levels of learning it is. The name says it all! Bridge course, foundation course, readiness program are the terms used for the beginning, the strong base. 

What is foundation building in a preschool?

Foundation building through a school readiness program refers to preparing the child with the required skills ready for the smooth transition to the next level of learning. The school readiness skills allow school teachers to expand and prepare the child with basic skill-based activities. The foundation building in the early years is not just limited to academics, but it has a broader meaning. It is a readiness program that includes self-help skills, attention and concentration skills, physical skills, emotional skills, regulation, language, play, and social skills. 
The challenges vary and increase at each higher level of learning. And a child who has well-established skills will be ready with a positive learning approach. Irrespective of the style of learning online, offline, or homeschooling, all that matters are the skill set that enables the effective participation of the child during the class. 
The student who has started early school will be more competitive among their peers who started with the school year. The child will be a better performer and more confident standing out in the rest of the group.

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