Multicultural Learning and teaching

Multicultural learning is a multidisciplinary approach to education with varied multicultural life experiences. Research has identified that multicultural education should begin in early childhood rather than elementary education. Multicultural education is an idea, a concept, and an educational reform. Moreover, when children are connected globally, they increase their cultural knowledge and respect towards others. It further enhances the understanding of cultural diversity in children from their early years. 

Multicultural Learning and connects over 700 cities and towns across India and abroad. Multicultural learning at an early age is diversified and attached with related books, stories, rhymes, and hands-on crafts. The results indicate children show their sense of equity while the study also enhances their awareness about multiculturalism OurPlayschool is committed to providing a learning platform that serves every child equally with the appropriate and required knowledge. Providing quality education at an affordable price reaching out to children far and near is the vision of, the only live online preschool.

Over the past 16 months in the field of early childhood education, OurPlayschool has catered to children from Varanasi to New Delhi, Tirunelveli to Chennai, Satara Sangh to Mumbai, Ratlam to Indore, Siliguri to Kolkata, and Kottayam to Hyderabad in India and children abroad in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Canada. The children at our Online Preschool are privileged to have a multicultural approach to learning from our passionate team of educators. The best policy you can buy for your children is to provide them with a multidisciplinary education for a lifetime starting from an early age. Why wait when is here to make your child’s future acceptable and future-ready?