Early foundational learning is critical for later learning. A strong learning foundation is a ladder to ensure a better prospective future. It is not easy to discover a child’s full potential only with a set of curriculum activities and concepts. Exactly how we build a strong foundation for our homes to stand for decades, it is equally required to decide on a holistic foundation for a child in education. 

The education provided should emphasize building a secured foundation in developing social, emotional, language, cognitive, motor, and creative skills. A well-balanced and structured curriculum is required to help a child enhance the skills. 

The curriculum at focuses on developing a secure foundation during the early years. The activities might seem simple, but their role in a child’s learning is indispensable. They play a crucial role in 3 major areas; cognitive, social, and emotional. The activities also focus on listening, speaking, communication, comprehension, and interpersonal skills. 

We are committed to equipping your child with the best learning tools, age-appropriate knowledge sharing, and enhancing and boosting self-confidence. Public speaking and interactive activities are a part of the curriculum which works towards confidence-building and problem-solving. 

Why wait when you can provide the best and a structured learning foundation for your child? Make the best use of the opportunity and enroll your child in our various affordable and customized learning plans to build a strong foundation for your child for the next academic year.