Breaking the nine common Myths around Homeschooling


Even though home education is more popular than you think, there are myths and misunderstandings about it. Many are unaware that homeschooling can be a positive and effective way to raise your child. Eliminate some of the most common homeschooling myths so you can make the best decisions for your child and family.


9 Common Myths about Homeschooling 

Myth # 1: Homeschooling kids are stuck indoors 

The flexibility that homeschooling brings provides many opportunities for families to study and explore outdoors, in museums, on the road, and wherever they like, promoting preschool creative development. As a parent, there are many ways to allow your children to explore the world around them while nurturing lifelong family memories. 


Myth # 2: Homeschooling kids miss extracurricular activities 

In today’s online support class home schoolers, have the same opportunities for extracurricular activities as students in traditional schools. Their flexibility gives them enough time to do what they like. Depending on where you live, your child may be able to participate in clubs, teams, and other activities offered at your local public school. 


Myth # 3: I will not be getting me-time  

There is a myth around parents that they might not get sufficient time for themselves. As a parent, all you need to do is maintain a timetable and invest barely two to three hours a day. The best part about homeschooling is learning never stops. There is constant learning when you teach at home and keep them engaged in children’s creativity. Parents can create dedicated time as per their convenience for their children to understand the importance of continuous learning and growing. 


Myth # 4: Homeschooling kids have no friends or social life. 

We have all heard this myth about early childhood education in an online mode, but it could be far from the truth. Between co-operatives, after-school sports and activities, and the flexibility that homeschooling offers, there are plenty of opportunities for homeschooling children to interact with others and foster friendships. 

Kids are also more likely to build deeper friendships with their siblings by learning how to live their life, interact closely with their siblings, and collaborate with them. Even the parents have the opportunity to strengthen their relationships and nurture their bonds with their kids. Parents can take their kids’ shopping to the mall and take them for a walk in the park. Homeschooling opens up numerous opportunities for kids to learn and grow, nurturing relationships simultaneously. 


Myth # 5: I don’t know enough / I’m not qualified to teach. 

If you are a parent, you have taught your children from the beginning! You taught them how to take their first steps, talk, eat and socialize, and many other things you may not notice. You uniquely become their educator because you know and understand your child better than anyone else. You don’t have to be an expert on all subjects. Skilled teachers in an online preschool can provide the professional guidance and support your kids need. 


Myth # 6: Homeschooling makes the child less capable of adapting to changing environments in senior classes. 

The advantage of homeschooling is that you can personalize and customize your children’s classes and learning by making decisions based on their unique learning style, speed, interests, skills, and passions.


Myth # 7: Homeschooling kids are having difficulty getting into senior classes 

Overall, homeschooling students are doing very well in college compared to traditional schooling. Statistically, they are often better than non-home schoolers. Homeschooling kids go to college at a higher rate than any other group of kids. Self-motivation, self-discipline, and managing your time are just a few of the skills/reasons that some top colleges are looking for homeschooling kids! 


Myth # 8: Homeschooling families are not active in the community. 

Many homeschooling events, science fairs, social media groups, and more create the perfect learning environment. It is a fun way for families to connect with their neighbours and communities. Again, the flexibility that homeschooling allows will increase your ability to meet and connect with others during the week. 


Myth # 9: Homeschooling kids aren’t ready for the real world. 

Homeschooling your kids is an opportunity to prepare them for the real world in every way, beyond math, reading, and typical school subjects. As parents and teachers, you can help your child develop knowledge, wisdom, and life skills that go far beyond traditional classrooms. 

Homeschooling children have the time and flexibility to enter the “real world” throughout the school year. Experiencing life together and having in-depth conversations with children about all aspects of life will give them what they need to be confident and mature.



 Parents choose to withdraw their children from private school and keep them home for various reasons. You may want to have more control and responsibility for your child’s learning, spend more time with your child, teach religious subjects, or your child may not be able to attend school because of illness.