15 Best Home Activities for Kids Aged between 2 and 4 Years

Wondering about some entertaining ways to educate your kids aged 2 to 4? You must engage your toddlers in some interesting indoor activities and online learning to develop their critical thinking, as well as motor skills from a young age.

The activities like play dough, building blocks, finger painting, etc. help them develop various skills at a younger age.

Soon after your child is 2-year-old, he/she is likely to experience several physical, social, intellectual, and emotional changes to slowly understanding things around the world. When your child is of age 2 to 4, it’s important to start engaging him/her in some activities.

It is in these years that children often begin to recognize different things, as well as start exploring the world. Therefore, it’s important to indulge kids in-home activities with OurPlaySchool’s online learning lessons.

Why are Home Activities Important for Kids?

Being engaged with your child in several kids’ activities takes less effort, but has various benefits. 

Here are some noteworthy benefits of engaging your kids in both indoor development activities and online learning

  • Helps kids to try new things without any fear, as well as makes them strong to overcome fears.
  • Improves their problem-solving skills, as well as enables kids to plan strategically.
  • Fun activities for kids help them to learn new concepts and things in the form of numbers, colours, etc. 
  • Online learning and coding at an early age teach them skills like determination, resilience, and persistence. 
  • Home activities also help children to learn flexibly, along with improving their motor skills

15 Best Home Activities15 Best Home Activities for Kids Aged between 2 and 4 

Here are some of the best indoor and online activities to try with your kids at home:

1. Read and Listen to a Book

Reading and listening to a book online or physically will help kids to learn new things. They will become habitual of reading, as well as develop listening patiently without any distractions. We help your kids to start reading a book online or let them listen while teachers read a book to them.  

Skills learned: Listening patiently and reading 

  1. Play Simon Says

We also play with kids at home online, along with engaging them in developmental activities. For instance, we play “Simon Says” with them. We begin with easy directions like Simon says, “Touch our toes”. After that, we start some complex things, like Simon says, “tug on the right ear, and then your left ear.” We even ask them to catch, jump, and more with this game. 

Skills learned: Following directions, gross motor skills, and receptive language

  1. Object Line Tracing

Our online playschool helps your kids engage in Object Line Tracing, which helps prepare them to write easily. All we do is, ask the kids to place a few objects on a white sheet and encourage them to trace lines around it using crayons or chalk. 

Skills learned: Motor skills and self-control

  1. Building Blocks

Building blocks are one of the common activities for toddlers to help them be creative and build something on their own. This also encourages them to be future programmers and engineers. This activity, however, requires a lot of patience, determination, and persistence. 

Skills learned: Determination, dexterity, and fine motor skills

  1. Make a Collage

We also encourage kids to create fun collages. For instance, we ask them to cut out various shapes like hair, eyes, nose, and other features from old books or magazines. After that we ask them to make funny creatures, on a piece of paper, using these facial features. 

Skills learned: Creativity, following instructions, and language

  1. “Stop and Go” Game

We sometimes play the “Stop and Go” game with kids. This game involves starting and stopping on certain things like “red light and green light.” This activity develops self-control in kids, as well as helps them to compromise, negotiate and handle conflicts without being angry. 

Skills learned: Self-control

  1. Count Everything

Count Everything is also one of the engaging and fun activities that we try with toddlers. We use everyday objects or household items for playing this activity. We stack different things in a row and count loudly. After that, we ask kids to count those items as well. 

Skills Learned: Counting skills, memorizing, and cognitive skills

  1. Colour Mixing

We help younger kids play with colours while teaching them more about how to use colours. We show them ways to combine different colours and how new colours are created. We start with primary colours, like blue + red = purple. 

Skills learned: Colour recognition, motor skills

  1. Initiate Conversation

Kids love to initiate conversation, so we try to improve this skill more. We ask them to take their favourite toy and talk to it or dress it the way they like. This way, kids grow their creativity and imagination. 

Skills learned: Creativity, social, language, imagination, and fine motor skills

  1. Obstacle Course

The obstacle course is another fun indoor game to play with toddlers. It boosts their learning experience. For this activity, we ask parents to set some obstacle courses with kid’s toys, enabling kids to self-navigate a truck or a car through it. 

Skills learned: Motor skills and eye and hand coordination

  1. Matching Game

Unlike board games, this activity can be done on a piece of paper. The kids have to draw a vertical line on the paper to match two same items like vegetables, toys, and fruits. 

Skills learned: Eye and hand coordination and cognitive skills

  1. Finger Painting

This is a messy but fun activity for younger kids while helping them learn various things. We ask kids to take a piece of paper, place it on the table and give them small cups of paint. It will let your child take control and create anything he/she wants. 

Skills learned: Sensory skills, creativity, imagination, and motor skills

  1. Balancing

We ask parents to turn a huge bowl of plastic upside down or stool to ask their kid to balance on it. This way, your child will jump off or step down and climb again to form proper balance. This activity is essential for your toddler’s development and growth. 

Skills learned: Balance and motor skills

  1. Play Dough

After the toddler sits on a table, we ask parents to give him/her colourful clay to enjoy play dough. Using the play dough, the kids are encouraged to make any creature or thing they like. This activity for toddlers at home will boost their creativity. 

Skills learned: Creativity, imagination, and pretending

  1. Pass a Ball

It is another fun activity for 2-year-olds and needs a play tunnel. We ask parents to stand at the opposite end with the child and take turns while lifting a softball back and forth. It helps them take trial and error and get the hand of this activity while learning teamwork. 

Skills learned: Teamwork, understanding effect and cause, and motor planning


Playing indoor activities with kids is a great way to help them learn a lot of things. Meanwhile, it encourages them to explore a whole new world around them. 

This way, they not only learn new things but also know how to have fun while learning.