This generation of children is the ‘digital generation’ – they have grown up in a world which is full of technology and screens! Since their birth, screens have been an integral part of their lives. So much so that, the furniture in the house is placed according to the screen. Isn’t it?

Given the pandemic, the familiar brick and mortar structures of school have been replaced by the screens.

Here are some advantages of online schooling:

  • Social bonding

Yes, we have to maintain physical distance but not social distance! Going online to see their friends and favourite teachers can help children stay connected and feel a sense of belongingness in times when they cannot meet them offline. They can interact, socialise and play with them. Most of the platforms encourage interactive communication, which make children active participants and learners (not just passive recipients, like with TV)

  • Continued learning

Providing the age appropriate stimulation in online schools can benefit children in numerous ways. They can learn new words, new concepts, and enhance the existing knowledge and skills.

  • Routine

Online schools can give some sense of routine to the day of our children. Waking up on a particular time, getting ready, attending class, & learning. This structure can add some predictability (and excitement) amidst all the changes happening around.

  • Home-based learning

Lot of online schools are now encouraging children to use materials in and around house to learn different concepts. E.g. using maida (refined flour) to make play dough, using food colours to paint and so much more! In the ease and familiarity of their homes, children get to learn so many new concepts

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