7 Interactive Ways of Learning Science for Kids

Creating interesting ways of teaching children every day is a complete assignment in itself. Teaching a preschool child the complicated concepts of science is surely not easy.

However, this process can become interesting, both for you and them, if you teach appropriately.

Online live interactive classes in science are one of the ways to teach preschool learners. The more interactive the classes, the more interested the child will be.

It is integral that the young mind is inquisitive about the functioning of the world he lives in.

Preschool programs consisting of games and hands-on experience can cater to your child’s inquisitiveness perfectly.

Are you already contemplating ways to teach your child? Put your worries to rest by reading through varied interactive ways of teaching kids science.

Here Are 7 Interactive Ways of Learning Science for Kids

Online science classes for kids can become extremely engaging if ample support to learn is provided at home.

Listed below are certain ways to make learning more interactive and amusing:

1. Providing hands-on experience:

Online science classes for kids need to be accompanied by hands-on experience at home.

Doing things practically gives way to unforgettable knowledge and at the same time keeps the child engaged and inquisitive.

When your child will apply theoretical knowledge in practical life, it will appear to be more promising for him.

2. Learning in-depth:

Professional development takes place with in-depth knowledge of every concept. The aim should be to teach every new concept to the child in as much depth as possible instead of teaching more and more things.

Whatever the child learns must be discussed with him to eradicate all possibilities of doubts or misunderstandings.

3. Take them outside to explore:

Science classes are best when they take place amidst nature. However, in the case of teaching science at home learning, you should still take your kid outside to have a look at the things he learns about in books.

Taking your kid to a park to look at different flowers and trees he studies about in books would be a wonderful idea.

4. Science fairs and museums:

Science museums are an interesting place to explore for young minds. Children learn better when they see things and it can also increase their curiosity to know about more things.

Science fairs are yet another opportunity to engage children in learning and making it more interactive with competition among students.

5. Performing different experiments:

Along with online preschool science classes, performing experiments can thrill your child by the wonders he will observe first-hand.

Help your child with certain experiments such as those with ice cubes or growing plants on their own or simply a lava lamp science experiment.

6. Encourage them to take pictures and observe:

Learning science for kids can become more interesting if they are made to observe closely. They can be allowed to engage in observing the life cycle of an organism by taking pictures of the same.

Likewise, while growing trees children can be encouraged to take pictures. The teachers can then further make the process more interactive by explaining to them the various stages in depth.

7. Teach about health and illness:

Another practical and more interactive way of teaching your child can be to explain their illness to them.

A young mind is capable of grasping things very quickly which will make them understand the varied diseases, different vitamins, and the usage of medicines by practically seeing it in front of them.

List of some easy science activities for kids daily life

Science play can be the best way to teach kids important life lessons which can come in handy while teaching science also.

Kids can be made to learn a lot of things by including play-based learning in their everyday life.

Some such easy science activities include:

  • Melting snow science experiment
  • Leak-proof bag experiment
  • Lava lamp science experiment
  • Oil and water activity
  • Colour-changing flowers experiment
  • Boating and floating among many others.

These activities would give children a better understanding of the products and life they have around them.

By a simple act of taking your child to the park and making him observe plants and trees, you can tell him about different kinds of plants, soil, fencing, vegetables, and whatnot.


Learning programs incorporated with interactive activities can render educating children, especially science a lot more fun.

As stated in research by the National Research Council, students learn better if they are motivated and engaged in the learning process.

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