7 Good Interpersonal Skills for Kids

The importance of interpersonal skills is not unknown. They are one of the most sought-after qualities that define a child’s personality. But do you know that parents are supposed to strengthen interpersonal skills in their children from quite an early age? 

Yes, it is time that every parent starts considering the enhancement of interpersonal skills in their children as a developmental milestone.

This responsibility on the parent’s shoulders has grown bigger than ever, as kids are spending most of their time at home learning online. 

Although, such is not the case if you have enrolled your kids with reputed and well-established online playschools. They focus on the overall development of kids, leaving little or no burden on parents.

Why is it Important to Have Interpersonal Skills in Life?

We all know the importance of interpersonal skills from the career point of view but these skills play a pivotal role in enhancing personal life as well.

This is why every leading playschool and online learning programme these days is promoting the development of interpersonal skills for kids.

The better the interpersonal skills are in children, the more they would be capable of succeeding in life.

Be it a personal relationship, political connection, or rapport at the workplace, it all can be fair and sound with good interpersonal skills.

strengthen interpersonal skillsHere are Seven Good Interpersonal Skills for Kids

Now that you know the importance of interpersonal skills and enabling your child to develop strong interpersonal skills quite early, here is a checklist for good interpersonal skills you can focus on.

Listening Skills

We are living in a time and age when anybody can voice his/her opinion through tweets, texts and emails anytime, anywhere.

However, this freedom of expression often becomes a problem when people start expressing their views without listening to the exact story.

We have to teach the importance of listening to our children so that they start to value the opinions of others.

Listening is one of the best interpersonal skills for children that help them grow into knowledgeable individuals.

If your kids learn to listen carefully to the stories that you tell them at bedtime or any other occasion, they would develop a better understanding and even become good communicators.

Parents need to find ways of making their kids listen, including keeping instructions short, making eye contact, and giving good feedback.

Verbal Communication

Kids start communicating with their parents and siblings right from the moment they are born. However, they do take a little while to develop their verbal communication skills.

You as parents are responsible for nurturing the communication skills of your kids so that they are capable of expressing their needs and emotions clearly.

With strong interpersonal skills like verbal communications, kids can have a better quality of life. They develop this interpersonal skill quicker when parents communicate with them as much as possible.

Children watch and listen to their parents when they talk and communicate and then mimic their actions and words. 

Non-Verbal Communication

Strong communication skills are imperative for one’s personal and professional life. As the main part of our everyday interpersonal communication is non-verbal behaviour, we need to encourage our kids to develop this skill right from the start.

In other words, non-verbal communication is also one of the most important interpersonal relationship skills for kids.

You have to teach them how our needs and emotions can be communicated through various other things, including gestures, postures, eye contact and voice tone, and body movement. 

Parents can also take the help of certain activities to develop interpersonal skills in their kids. For example, they can play a game wherein kids can be taught to spot people when their words don’t match their non-verbal behaviour.

Decision Making

Decision-making is important and crucial in the early years, as it can make the transition from childhood to adulthood seamless.

If you teach your kids to make decisions on their own, they would grow into more confident and responsible individuals.

By teaching decision-making to your child, you can also be helping them control their impulsive behaviour.

You can count on appropriate interpersonal skills activities for kids, through which you intend to teach your kids the art of decision making.

As parents are the role models for kids, they can enact several instances where decisions are taken and their consequences are borne by the decision-makers. 

Conflict Resolution

The purpose behind teaching kids interpersonal skills is to ensure their overall development for making their life superb.

One of the most important and helpful interpersonal skills is conflict resolution, which goes a long way in life.

There is probably no day in our life when we don’t experience one or the other conflict in our mind and heart. 

If not resolved in time or efficiently, it does take a fair share of our mental peace. You can teach your children to resolve their conflicts on their own so that they don’t learn to avoid situations but confront them with confidence.


Many parents complain that they often feel embarrassed in social circumstances because of their kids. This most commonly happens because parents fail to develop the required interpersonal skills of manners and etiquette in their children. 

Considering these interpersonal skills as an inseparable part of child development, parents should teach these to their children and make them practise good manners on a day-to-day basis. 


If you desire to teach this interpersonal skill to your child, you have to be doing it the right way. Children can try to be persuasive by crying, begging, and whining for hours, which is not right.

This is one of the most important interpersonal skills, which has to be taught with precision. For example, you can teach your child to give valid arguments for having something, such as a puppy.

Final Thought

The development of interpersonal skills is something that should be done quite early. As a leading fully online live playschool, OurPlaySchool.com is consistently providing kids with fun and interactive learning right in the confines of their homes.

Through online classes, kids are taught everything, including interpersonal skills, required or their overall development.