Best Online Extracurricular Activities for Kids

There are plenty of activities for kids to choose from online. Singing, dancing, painting, craftwork, and extracurricular activities are a few to be mentioned. For the more adventurous kind, camping, hiking, excursions, and sports are usually the activities of choice for every child. 

However, in today’s scenario, not all outdoor activities are suitable given the social distancing norms and other factors. The alternative is the virtual education that is at the forefront with great leaps in technology accepted by the parents to their children.

This blog focuses on the importance of these online activities and gives a list of extracurricular activities.

Are Extracurricular Activities Good for Kids?

Extracurricular activities are best and safe for kids. Children derive the following benefits by taking up these activities:


These activities are a great way of self-exploration. They help to bring out the hidden talents of children.


These programs improve the confidence and self-esteem of kids. Students are always happy if they are appreciated for their efforts by their parents, be it for studies or extracurricular activities.

Social skills

The activities help children develop their social skills as they have to interact with other like-minded kids. 


Extracurricular activities help widen the perspective of children about the world at large. They learn that there are many more professions and hobbies that people can take up and pursue.

Time management

Combining extracurricular activities with students’ academic pursuits can also help them manage their time better and set priorities.

What Are Some Good Online Extracurricular Activities?

Here are the 11 best online extracurricular activities.

Clay pottery:

It involves the art of making items and objects from clay. Pottery helps your child sharpen their hand-eye coordination and can captivate interest for hours. Research shows that clay moulding activities have a soothing effect on the mind and help them focus on academics. 

Martial arts:

It encourages children to develop a sense of discipline and helps them to boost confidence and self-esteem. Martial arts improve motor skills and make the body stronger. 

But most importantly, it helps children learn conflict resolution, which can come in handy later in their lives. Unlike other sports that typically need an outdoor arena, basic martial arts techniques can be performed at home, making this sport ideal for the indoors. 


Music is indeed the food for life. But it also has practical benefits. Scientists say that music has an impact on our brains. While loud, jarring noise can disturb the mind, soothing sounds can have a calming effect. 

Enroll your child in a classical music program, where they can learn the nuances of vocal and instrumental music. Learning music will not only help your child learn a new technique but will also help them to continue as a profession.


A book club is a fun way to make your child get comfortable with the idea of a book. Reading is a crucial life skill that helps children learn a language. It is also a cornerstone of education. 

E-books with colorful pictures can easily engage the children for hours. In a world where reading habits are fast disappearing and books are losing to tablets and smartphones, it is required to practice a robust reading habit in your child.

Learning a language:

Linguistic skills are crucial to a child’s development. Scientists say that multilingual children are far more emotionally aware and intelligent than kids who learn one language. Learning a new language also introduces a child to a foreign culture that helps your child be a more informative and adaptive individual later on in life.   


Cooking is another life skill that children can learn. It is not only meant for the girl child but also the boys. While many parents might be squeamish about letting their children try cooking, child experts say that learning cooking is a must for every kid. Cooking need not always involve allowing your children to be near the fire. 

There are tons of recipes that do not require cooking with fire or chopping with knives. Assembling a sandwich or tossing a salad can be as educational as cooking. There is a lot to learn from these techniques, which would eventually help your children become self-reliant.


Yoga is taught online in a fun way by experienced and certified instructors.

Yoga helps increase attention span among children and teaches them the art of self-regulation. Other benefits include body positivity, confidence, strength, flexibility, balance, and resilience.   

Board games:

We have all grown up on a steady diet of Monopoly, chess, Chinese checker, carrom board, Scrabble, Pictionary, and others. Indoor games are not as frivolous as one might think. Board games help children learn teamwork and develop cognitive skills in a fun way. 

With the introduction of smartphones and tablets, kids today have lost the joys of playing indoor board games. Learning these games online can be a great way to start playing these games together with the child.

Painting and sketching:

Another activity class for kids is learning painting and sketching. They provide your child with a sense of engagement and help them hone and sharpen their motor skills, eye for detail, and imagination. 

These skills enhance creativity and improve your child’s aesthetic sense. Children with learning disabilities benefit from learning to paint and sketch.


Dramatic plays help to develop confidence in the children. It enhances their speaking, listening, creativity, imagination, and thinking skills. 

Science projects:

Science evokes curiosity in children and helps them to develop their application skills. A solid foundation in science helps children sharpen their math skills and know the world around them better. 

Conclusion offers a list of online extracurricular activities for kids like yoga, Zumba, art and craft, music, role-play, dramatic play, and origami. Our customized online classes combine cutting-edge modern techniques with the flexibility of the online schedule.

Enroll with us now and watch your kids enjoy the benefits of a well-rounded education. 

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